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Atlas VPN vs NordVPN

I. Introduction

Atlas VPN and NordVPN are two of the most popular virtual private network (VPN) services on the market. A VPN allows users to securely access the internet by encrypting their data and hiding their IP address. With more people working remotely and increased cybersecurity threats, interest in VPN services has surged.

This article provides an in-depth feature comparison between Atlas VPN and NordVPN. It analyzes factors such as speed, security protocols, server locations, supported devices, pricing models, and streamlining capabilities across both platforms to gauge their respective strengths and limitations. By evaluating Atlas VPN vs NordVPN across these key metrics, readers can determine which provider better fulfills their secure browsing needs.

II. Feature Comparison

When it comes to core VPN functionality around encrypting web traffic and masking IP addresses, both Atlas VPN and NordVPN deliver reliably with support for OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols. However beyond these baseline features, the offerings diverge across streaming utilities, speed capabilities, security depth and torrenting utilities:

Streaming Capabilities

Unblocking geo-restricted video content from Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other media sites works smoothly with both Atlas VPN and NordVPN owing to their broad global server options. However NordVPN edges Atlas in streaming thanks to added optimizations like SmartPlay features explicitly designed to power through content blocks.

Connection Speed Performance
Atlas VPN displays speed test results highlighting typical decreases around 18% on local connections up to 29% on long distance servers – indicating most users should still enjoy brisk VPN browsing and downloads. Independent NordVPN assessments indicate more varied speed impacts across server locations ranging from 20-50% which may hamper performance more noticeably for some users.

Security Features

From secure protocols and encryption like AES-256 bit and 2048 bit SHA keys securing traffic, both platforms also deliver necessary VPN security foundations. But NordVPN ups protections via extras like Dark Web Monitor, Double VPN chains, Onion Over VPN and dedicated IP offerings – giving it the edge for safety.

Torrenting Capabilities
NordVPN provides high powered VPN infrastructure tailored specifically for P2P file sharing and torrent transfers, even offering specialized NordLynx hydras network servers to maximize speeds. Atlas VPN permits torrenting across all VPN servers but lacks equivalent customization suitable for heavy usage. This gives Nord the advantage.

III. Server Network Comparison

In terms of global VPN server infrastructure which powers secure browsing speeds along with abilities unblocking geo-restricted websites through location spoofing, NordVPN commands vastly greater scale and choices:

Server Totals

NordVPN offers over 5,500 servers hosted across 60 different countries internationally – dwarfing the far smaller Atlas VPN network of just 750+ servers presently across 24 regions. This huge server pool provides Nord substiantial scale advantages adapting to growing user demand.

VPN Server Locations
With over double the geographic diversity spanning international server locations throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, North and South Americas in addition to parts of Africa and the Middle East, NordVPN also provides users far greater location variety including exotic choices if traveling abroad to countries unsupported by the lighter Atlas VPN presence regions-wise.

Consistency & Speeds According to external speed assessments analyzing server infrastructure quality measuring metrics like latency, packet loss and sustained bandwidth over longrun testing periods, both VPN providers deliver generally reliable median speeds across tested locations. However NordVPN’s bigger server fleet allows absorbing higher peak loads.

IV. App Comparison

For accessing their respective VPN platforms, both Atlas VPN and NordVPN have developed easy-to-use apps catering to all major device operating systems:

Desktop App Platforms
Atlas VPN and NordVPN both support Windows and MacOS desktop platforms with cleanly designed native applications handling VPN traffic redirection, server connections, security configurations and account settings in streamlined fashions. But NordVPN adds Linux client availability – something presently lacking across AtlasVPN’s smaller software portfolio at this stage.

Mobile Applications
On smartphone platforms, Atlas VPN sports dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps mirroring the same capabilities as desktop equivalents delivering accessible VPN access for phones/tablets users. NordVPN matches this mobile availability across Android and iOS while adding additional utility through its Amazon FireOS NordVPN app – useful for Fire tablet and Fire TV VPN protection lacking from Atlas.

External Device Support Further showcasing its extensive platform support beyond just desktop and mobile, NordVPN maintains additional VPN apps for consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, as well as firmware integrations across WiFi router models and configurations steps for manually setting other devices like Chromecast or Roku. Atlas VPN has yet to match this level across external products – giving Nord the flexibility advantage.

V. Pricing and Promotions Comparison

Pricing packaging between the two VPN providers reveals significant savings afforded to Atlas VPN subscribers on renewal compared to more premium costs levied by category leader NordVPN:

Base Pricing Plans
An equivalent 3 year subscription to Atlas VPN runs almost $200 cheaper than 3 years of NordVPN while 2 year plans and 1 year deals remain far more affordable from Atlas – making it the friendlier choice for shoppers without wanting to commit to longer terms upfront.

Promotions and Discounts
NordVPN does aggressively run seasonal VPN sales promoting hefty temporary discounts on longer 12, 24 and 36 month subscriptions to bridge the pricing gap against Atlas VPN quite heavily during promotional periods. So patient buyers timing purchases right stand to realize considerable savings well under equivalent Atlas VPN costs.

VI. Conclusion and Recommendation

Analyzing Atlas VPN and NordVPN side-by-side assessing operational metrics around speed, encryption standards, platform support and content unblocking shed light on why NordVPN retains higher pricing power compared to value leader Atlas VPN – thanks chiefly to vastly greater global infrastructure capabilities that include over 5x as many servers across 3x more global regions enabling enhanced reliability.

Nord also offers additional security and privacy focused power user features ranging from customizable multihop connections to obfuscated VPN routing options delivering more technical protections should threats mount. However, Atlas VPN merits consideration from general users wanting well rounded a VPN solution still speed-wise with quality apps at substantial savings over premium pricing from recognition-leader NordVPN.

For power users and those needing to connect reliably across exotic locales internationally monthly, NordVPN’s more extensvie offering justifies added expense costs thanks to expanded platform support, doubles encryption options and P2P specialized servers etc — provided even cheaper entry is secured when Nord promotions roll around seasonally. But for everyday privacy boosting at home, Atlas VPN won’t disappoint.

Ultimately based on the detailed evaluation of features capabilities, network spreads and pricing models covered within this comparison guide – we can comfortably recommend NordVPN for power users able absorbing costs thanks to unmatched sophistication securing connections across more regions and devices than any rival. Yet for most roaming web surfers minding budgets, we can stand behind Atlas VPN providing 80% of flagship experience at just 20% of the wallet hit. The final choice depends on aligning usage factors above against personal price ceilings.