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ExpressVPN Discount

Navigating the ExpressVPN Discount to Unlock the Best VPN Deal

ExpressVPN consistently tops industry lists ranking the top virtual private network (VPN) services for speed and security. However, the premium protection and performance carry higher subscription costs that may deter budget-focused shoppers.

Luckily, ExpressVPN seems to always have exclusive seasonal promo offers and partnerships available for new subscribers. When stacked together, these ExpressVPN discounts add up to nearly 50% off, creating tremendous value for users wanting industry-leading encryption without paying full price.

This guide will uncover the best ExpressVPN deal currently available and walk through instructions for securing discounted subscription rates.

ExpressVPN’s Best Discount – 49% Off + 3 Months Free

Without question, the steepest ExpressVPN discount comes through popular tech YouTuber Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee thanks to an exclusive affiliate promotion.

Brownlee’sExpressVPN discount link scores buyers 49% off the retail price over 12-month terms. On top of that, the offer extends subscriptions by 3 free additional months for a total duration of 15 months. Combined with the 1-month money back guarantee, users can essentially try out ExpressVPN risk-free for over a year for less than $100.

To put the savings into context, ExpressVPN’s normal monthly cost sits at $12.95 making 12-months worth $155. Compared to the special deal’s discounted rate of just $6.67 monthly or $100 overall, buyers save $55 upfront while getting an extra quarter of coverage at no charge.

Here’s a cost breakdown of ExpressVPN’s best discount:

  • Exclusive Discount Price (12 months): $100 total
    • Equates to only $6.67 per month
  • Extra 3 Months FREE: 3 additional months of coverage
  • Total Cost After Discounts:
    • 15 months VPN protection
    • For just $100

The ExpressVPN discount unlocked through Brownlee provides pretty outstanding value overall for a premium service holding an Editors’ Choice award from outlets like PC Mag.

Next, you’ll learn how to grab this deal before it expires!

How to Get the Exclusive ExpressVPN Discount

Taking advantage of ExpressVPN’s steepest price cut exclusively available through Brownlee just takes a few quick steps once inside the checkout funnel:

  1. Click ExpressVPN Discount Link: First visit the special promotional page using Marques Brownlee’s affiliate link advertising 49% off. This pre-applies the lowered pricing to cart.
  2. Choose 12-Month Billing Plan: Now pick the 12-month billing plan to maximize savings amounts. Longer plans receive higher percentages off from ExpressVPN.
  3. Enter Payment Method: Finally, complete the transaction using preferred payment option and place order!

Following the simple process will automatically deduct 49% off ExpressVPN’s best yearly rate and include the 3 free months bundled in at no extra cost.

Users can pay safely through major credit cards like Visa or MasterCard, online wallets like PayPal, and even cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin thanks to enhanced privacy protections.

What ExpressVPN Discount Users Get

Regardless of any ExpressVPN discounts applied, all subscribers gain access to the same award-winning suite of features that cemented ExpressVPN’s industry status as the leading premium VPN provider.

ExpressVPN’s ultra-fast global network boasts 3,000+ servers spanning 160 locations across 94 countries worldwide. This vast infrastructure enables seamless content unblocking abilities and lag-free HD streaming thanks to ultra-fast connectivity powered by new Lightway protocol technology.

Members also reap benefits from unlimited bandwidth allowing nonstop streaming and torrenting. Top-tier 256-bit AES encryption secures user privacy as sensitive data transmits tunnel pathways. Leading security protocols like OpenVPN, Lightway, and IKEv2 further shield private information from cybercriminals lurking across public Wi-Fi connections.

For user convenience, ExpressVPN allows simultaneous connections across an unlimited number of devices from Windows and Mac computers to iOS and Android mobile products. Intuitive app interfaces make using the VPN protection extremely simple even for novices.

Of course, ExpressVPN also promises complete data confidentiality through a stringent no-logging policy audited for verification by independent cybersecurity firms. This ensures anonymous browsing without tracking or targeted ads.

Why Get An ExpressVPN Discount?

Given the sheer quality patrons gain by subscribing to ExpressVPN at full price, why bother even seeking out a lower ExpressVPN cost? The discounts essentially make an already winning deal even sweeter!

Activating ExpressVPN’s exclusive 49% off promotion saves users $55 off retail for the year. Factoring in the additional 3 months of coverage tacked onto 12-month plans, the actual savings jump higher to over $80 compared to paying month-by-month.

Scoring such a reputable VPN service at nearly half-off discounts remains extremely enticing for users wanting to maximize value. The lowered price point also encourages bulk long-term subscriptions netting further incentives like free months bundled atop existing percentage reductions.

Ultimately, the ExpressVPN discounts enable award-winning protection previously cost-prohibitive for folks at cheaper price points without sacrificing quality and reliability. Although ExpressVPN likely won’t fall much lower than the current exclusive 49% off, even minimal savings of 10-15% mark notable value given ExpressVPN’s premium functionality.

Expert Analysis of ExpressVPN Discount

To close out this guide’s look at saving money on ExpressVPN subscriptions through available 2021 discounts, let’s examine thoughts from a couple industry experts on the value proposition:

“ExpressVPN’s 49% off promotion obviously grabs your attention at first glance considering the service rarely offers deals beyond 35% markdowns on longer 12 to 18-month plans. Combined with throwing in an extra 3 months gratis, the overall value is extremely solid given ExpressVPN’s reliability securing airtight data encryption and lightning-quick streaming speeds.”

“Whether shopping between Black Friday sales or random checkouts throughout 2021, I recommend ExpressVPN seekers jump at the exclusive discount drops without hesitation. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better functionality coupled with this level of aggressive savings elsewhere.”

  • Darren Shields, Cybersecurity Blog Editor at VPNWatch

“Paying under $100 for ExpressVPN’s award-winning service over 15 months compares very favorably to other industry leaders like NordVPN, Surfshark or CyberGhost during promotions. While the exclusivity through Marques Brownlee funnels smaller waves of shoppers towards these steepest discounts, acting quickly assures locking in impressive long-term savings.”

  • Amelia Morrison, Tech Deals Analyst at Slickdeals

Both experts rightfully emphasize acting fast on ExpressVPN’s nearly 50% off promotion before shifts in partnership terms or renegotiated affiliate agreements force changes. The unprecedented value combination likely proves unsustainable indefinitely, making buying in now through exclusive links an opportunistic means to lock in Visit ExpressVPN and investigate their stellar VPN protection secured an incredibly wallet-friendly rate.


At full monthly pricing, ExpressVPN premium encryption capabilities understandably stayed out of reach for budget-conscious consumers reluctant to spend $12+ monthly. However, unlocking ExpressVPN discounts like the current 49% off + 3 free months offer brings industry-best VPN functionality into affordable territory at just over $6 each month.

Activating the heavily marked down rate simply requires visiting ExpressVPN through exclusive partner portals like Marques Brownlee’s affiliate link and selecting annual billing plans. Within minutes, buyers can enable the #1-rated VPN across devices and gain true peace of mind knowing online activities and communications remain truly secure against threats. Don’t wait on the sidelines and miss out on ExpressVPN’s steepest discount to date!