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VPN Univision net


Univision is a major Spanish-language broadcasting network in the United States with a wide range of programming such as news, sports, telenovelas, and more that appeal to the country’s substantial Hispanic population. Its site provides a large catalog of on-demand entertainment and news content for free.

However, owing to geo-blocking restrictions, access to all this rich Univision programming is limited only to consumers in the US with a valid US IP address. People outside the country or region encounter “content not available in your area” errors.

That’s where a virtual private network or VPN comes into the picture. By hiding the user’s actual IP and location, VPNs can bypass geographic content restrictions and provide access. Let’s understand how.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a type of software tool that establishes an encrypted tunnel between the user’s device and the VPN service’s server. All internet traffic is securely routed through this tunnel instead of directly accessing the open internet.

This allows the VPN server to effectively cloak and modify identifying details of the user’s network connection:

  • Hides original public IP address of user’s ISP with a new IP issued by VPN provider
  • Encrypts all traffic preventing tracking or sniffing of browsing activity
  • Spoofs location and GPS coordinates to match server’s geography instead of user’s actual country or city

As a result, when a VPN user connects to the internet, websites or services cannot determine the person’s real identity, location or device identity. This allows bypassing of filters, blocks and access restrictions tied to geography.

An added benefit is greater privacy and security against misuse when accessing public Wi-Fi, shared networks or mobile data. VPN tunnels prevent malicious actors on the same network from stealing login credentials, payment info, messages or exploiting device vulnerabilities.

Why Use a VPN for Univision?

A reliable VPN service unlocks multiple benefits when accessing Univision:

Access Univision Content Outside US with IP Cloaking

The primary reason users abroad want a VPN is to get past the geoblock and access all shows, news and sports as if they were in the US. By providing a US based IP address to instead of foreign IP, VPN can grant full catalog access regardless of where one is physically located.

Enhanced Privacy & Wi-Fi Security for US Viewers

Further, even users already in US get improved privacy protection and Wi-Fi hotspot security via VPN encrypted tunnel. This prevents ISPs or hackers on public networks from tracking Univision viewing habits or stealing sensitive information.

With VPN protection, Univision viewers in US can enjoy shows from cafes, hotels, airports without worrying about compromised security.

Choosing the Right VPN for Univision

Not all VPN services are created equal. When specifically looking to access Univision from outside the US and enjoy a smooth viewing experience, users should evaluate VPN options using these parameters:

Number of US Locations

The more server locations a VPN has in major US cities, better are the chances of getting consistently high streaming speeds. Check provider has servers on both East and West coasts.

Strong Unblocking Ability

The VPN should demonstrate proven capability to unblock US only apps and sites. So verify if the provider can unblock other similar geo-restricted platforms like Hulu, ABC, Pandora music.

Fast US Speeds for Streaming

Since Univision has high quality video content, VPN speeds need to be sufficiently high – at least 15 Mbps download and upload for interruption free playback.

Secure Protocols

Look for support for secure protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec rather than outdated ones. Also check for encryption strength 256-bit AES is preferred.

Zero Logs Promise

To protect viewing privacy, only use VPNs with clearly stated zero logs policy prohibiting tracking or storing user activity logs.

Reliable Multi-platform Apps

Usability is key. The VPN provider must offer hassle free native apps for Univision streaming platforms like Android phones, iPhone, Windows PCs and Fire TV sticks.

Based on the above VPN selection criteria, these top 4 services emerge as reliable options for accessing Univision:


Offering over 1850 servers in 50+ US cities, robust media streaming unblocking, AES-256 encryption, zero logs, Chrome & Firefox browser extensions, dedicated IP option makes NordVPN the top choice.


With 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries, blazing fast US speeds, range of protocols and no activity/connection logs policy, ExpressVPN is ranked highly for video stream performance.


7900 servers worldwide including over 1350 ultra fast servers in the US, can readily unblock Univision restriction. Optimized servers for video streaming.


Smaller VPN but impresses on speeds with 100 Mbps US servers. Exceptional unblocking of US sites like Hulu makes it ideal for accessing Univision abroad with its zero logs assurance.

Setting Up a VPN for Univision

The actual process of setting up and connecting to a VPN service for Univision access is fairly straightforward regardless of chosen provider. We will use NordVPN app for demonstration.

Download & Install VPN App

Visit to setup account, subscribe and download platform specific app like Android, Windows etc. Both free and paid subscriptions include US servers. Install the app.

Connect to US Server

Launch NordVPN app and click Quick Connect or manually select any US server location like Los Angeles or Miami. Connect to initialize encrypted tunnel.

Check New IP Address

Visit sites like or to confirm your public IP now shows US location instead of actual country.

Visit Univision Site or App to Stream Content

Now when you access Univision website, mobile app or channel through streaming device, geo-block restriction is lifted thanks to US IP. Enjoy unlimited shows!


Can I use a free VPN to watch Univision?

It is technically possible to leverage some free VPNs to access Univision but not recommended owing to several drawbacks:

  • Lower speeds – can cause buffering due to bandwidth caps
  • Session limits – get abruptly disconnected after short durations
  • Numerous ads – hampers viewing experience
  • Limited US servers/locations – inconsistent streaming performance
  • Weak encryption and unknown privacy policies
  • Lack multi-platform clients and router installation support

For best Univision viewing experience, choose premium VPNs like NordVPN, despite paid subscription fees. The benefits outweigh costs.

What content can I watch on Univision?

Univision offers an exhaustive variety of Spanish entertainment, news and sports programs without any subscription fees. With VPN granting US access, you can stream:

  • Telenovelas and TV shows popular among Hispanic audience but often not available outside. Great production quality.
  • Hundreds of channels across genres like Entertainment, Food, Crime, Sports, Comedy, Classics etc.
  • 24/7 News with US and international coverage. Essential updates for those abroad.
  • Live Streaming of popular tournaments like Liga MX, Mexican National Team matches etc with expert commentary.
  • Latest music videos from Latin pop artists like Camilo, Sebastian Yatra, Enrique Iglesias etc. Transcends language barriers.

The content library on Univision mirrors top channels from Mexico, Colombia and other LatAm countries – fully available for unrestricted bingeing via VPN in stunning video quality and without paying subscription fees.


Univision brings a rich catalog of engaging Spanish programming encompassing genres like music, movies, news, comedy, food and sports content. Until now, expats abroad found Univision’s geo-blocking frustratingly limiting.

With a full featured premium VPN service, audiences globally can unlock endless on-demand entertainment on Univision in addition to enjoying greater privacy and anonymity across internet activity.

Top tier VPN providers boast extensive server presence through the US along with consistently blistering speeds capable of smooth Univision video playback at 1080p resolution without buffering delays. Robust encryption and a firm no logs policy offer users rock solid assurance their Univision viewing habits remain safely anonymous.

Gaining access to Univision using VPNs opens doors to immersing oneself into Hispanic culture through its vibrant music, delicious recipes, emotional soaps and energizing sports – all conveniently streamed free directly from US soil!