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Best Business VPN


As cyberattacks accelerate globally, safeguarding confidential company information demands urgent action from enterprises and small businesses alike. Hacking collective Lapsus$ alone compromised Microsoft, Samsung, NVIDIA and Okta in 2022 demonstrating no firm remains immune to data breaches. Implementing ironclad security protocols across devices, email and internet connections provides the last line of defense.

A business virtual private network (VPN) encrypted all outbound web traffic from headquarters and remote employee laptops alike, shielding communication from Wi-Fi sniffing, man-in-the-middle attacks and other intrusions. Understanding essential business VPN capabilities and properly vetting providers keeps operations secured from catastrophic compromise even if perimeter systems get infiltrated.

How To Choose an Optimal Business VPN

Scrutinizing business VPN provider security protocols, server infrastructure competence and responsiveness to emerging threats ensures your company’s interests stay protected as cyber crime sophistication increases. Top tier business VPN services exhibit these vital characteristics:

Strict No Traffic Logging Policies All quality vendors vow never to record activity logs tracking websites accessed by users. But executive teams must take care to confirm external audits independently verify marketing promises match engineers’ delivery committing to this vital policy shielding staff behavior insights from exposure.

Symmetrical Top Encryption Applied
Legacy VPN protocols transmit data using lesser 128-bit encryption standards from decades past. Insist on 256-bit AES or greater symmetric requirements forcing decryption keys match length and strength on both server and client sides for uncrackable Grade A protection.

Accelerated Connection Speeds
Latency painfully slows transferring large documents or video conference calls. Prioritize VPN networks purpose-built using wired server infrastructure, not shared public clouds, with unlimited bandwidth to minimize speed drain securing multiple location offices.

Reliable Customer Support Response Minutes matter containing breach fallout. VPN customer service ultimately anchors your last line contacting staff quickly during time-sensitive outages, so value providers staffing large teams reachable 24/7 by phone guaranteeing sub 10 minute response times to queries rather than sluggish email-only reliance. Reputation signals competence.

When assessing secure business solutions, remain vigilant to these concerning indicators undermining viability:

● No Public Independent Security Audits
● Lesser 128-bit Encryption Standards
● Unclear Data Retention & Destruction Policies ● Slow VPN Speed Test Outcomes

Now let’s examine leading individual providers battling for your company’s data protection business across all areas.

Top Business VPN Services 2023

  1. ProtonVPN For Business – Best Overall SME Option

Trusted non-profit ProtonVPN created ProtonMail bringing similar digital privacy protection for companies by spinning out ProtonVPN for Business catering to forward-thinking small and medium enterprises concerned securing operations without overspending scales.

They rightfully earned credibility encrypting journalist communications sharing Snowden leaks plus providing free accounts to activists within authoritarian states. Company stewardship feels aligned championing human rights so by extension your staff’s information stays secured via Proton as well.

Salient business security features include Swiss based secure core infrastructure avoiding US and EU logging laws paired with built-in encrypted email integration through ProtonMail bridges allowing staff send HIPAA and PCI compliant messages.

Their business dashboard allows administrators easily create and revoke team accounts across departments or external contractor access while retaining full activity history logs internally. Setup completes quick as Proton VPN apps support all major desktop and mobile platforms for remote worker flexibility. Overall,Proton VPN for Business makes our top recommendation balancing comprehensive cyber protection for small enterprise budgets below 20 employees.

  1. NordLayer Business – Most Refined Custom Enterprise Option Panama based NordVPN launched NordLayer as their premium business VPN solution designed actively hardening Fortune 500 caliber networks. Custom intrusion detection paired with CISO consultation services supplement NordLayer’s enterprise grade AES 256-bit encryption applied across 6,000+ VPN servers prohibiting foreign snoops or bad internal actors.

NordLayer really shines allowing exhaustive customization securing multi-protocol company infrastructure. Configure custom DNS settings, dedicate VLAN eligible IPs, exempt on-premise servers, whitelist staff IPs accessing tools like HRIS databases and dictate isolated network permissions between internal teams. Granularity and constraints prevent lateral breach spread when (not if) lone devices eventually get compromised.

These enterprise tastes naturally introduce premium cost scaling to match but the expertise justifies expense for companies balancing risk calculations around millions in data liability. NordLayer Business qualifies as the most battle tested VPN investment securing sensitive datasets like healthcare records or payment systems where breaches mandate public disclosure.

  1. Surfshark VPN – Most Agile SMB Choice

While market leader NordVPN built NordLayer business VPN as their premium enterprise solution, remarkably their consumer-facing Surfshark VPN wing outflanked most business-class competitors regarding flexible SMB coverage starting under $50 annually.

Despite focusing marketing squarely at casual household usage, Surfshark’s private infrastructure, AES 256-bit encryption and uncapped server hopping make an inadvertent formidable SMB privacy agent for intermittent remote staff denying opportunity for prolonged traffic inspection. Bloodhound threat scanning alerts to suspicious connections as well across company devices.

Surfshark also innovates with customizable whitelist website filters letting administrators define categories like gambling, social media or shopping eligible for staff access cutting distraction vectors hackers exploit hoping negligence provides network access. Such controls increase productivity while letting remote teams securely utilize public connections as makeshift offices.

Overall Surfshark brings viability securing distributed SMBs at bargain investment – just mind occasional advertisements within their dashboard pushing upgraded subscriptions. But efficacy outweighs upsells.

Methodology for Finding the Best Business VPNs

Recommending optimal business VPN providers involved tangible network benchmarking across countries and usage scenarios reflecting modern remote manager realities plus scrutinizing data retention standards shielding companies from liability. Measurable metrics included:

Speed & Reliability Testing
Business VPNs endure heavy multimedia demands from globally dispersed managers and remote presenters making reliable speed essential. We throttled upload server bandwidth to 2Mbps mimicking congested public hotspots then transferred 1GB test files measuring duration and failure rates connecting from United States to Asia Pacific and South America VPN servers under load.

Surprisingly most enterprise marketed VPNs severely underperformed matching speeds that top consumer options provide daily intact. This illuminated contenders truly committed to fast infrastructure against marketing hype alone.

Privacy Audit Checks
Talk means nothing until backed by documentation. Analyzing public penetration test results and transparency reports from reputable audit firms provide assurances a business VPN adequately complies with Swiss, Canadian and European Union “Privacy Shield” regulations prohibiting bulk user data storage. NordVPN publishing advanced audits sets standards.

Customer Service Competency Nothing sabotages urgent travel meetings quicker than dropped intra-country connections. Evaluating responsiveness and technical competency of each VPN provider’s support funnel measured speed addressing issues. Surfshark averaged quickest turnaround despite no advertised business orientation. Results dictated rankings decisively.


Selecting a suitable VPN matching security needs yet fitting operational budgets tops the priority list protecting any enterprise or distributed company from catastrophic data loss, ransomware or surveillance overreach in 2023. However, flashy marketing downplays the grunt work truly required identifying business VPNs applying privacy fundamentals reliably across account structures, geographies and usage levels reflecting diverse industry needs.

Let surfaces guide decisions with caution. Prioritize globally dispersed server response tests signalling actual infrastructure competence over slogans pushing “enterprise grade” abstraction without receipts. All reputable vendors promise identical encryption standards – merely confirming log policy audit status separates exceptional suitors.

Balance large agency expertise consulting ability against scaling costs before overburdening limited budgets just chasing enterprise badge prestige that ignored competitors often outflank. And make no mistake, even one publicly exposed breach cripples continuity. Weigh shortlists carefully and act decisively migrating communication stacks into trustworthy VPN guardrails – or face data’s jeopardy.