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NordVPN RaiPlay


RaiPlay is an online streaming service offered by Italian public broadcaster RAI allowing viewers to enjoy RAI’s rich entertainment content on demand via the platform. It features RAI’s full range of TV series, shows, movies and documentaries, covering both classics and latest offerings. Hitchcock movies, Italian crime flicks, local adaptations of global shows – RaiPlay has it all!

However, when abroad in countries beyond Italy, access to this goldmine of Italian video content gets blocked. Only visitors with an Italian IP address are able to stream content on RaiPlay. That’s where using NordVPN comes in very handy!

NordVPN is one of the most well-known Virtual Private Network (VPN) services that effectively enables circumventing geoblocks. It routes your web traffic through different international servers, allowing you to spoof your digital location. This tricks RaiPlay into granting you access by making it seem like you’re browsing from Italy, irrespective of where you actually are!

Why Use NordVPN for RaiPlay?

NordVPN ticks all the right boxes as an ideal VPN partner for unblocking and seamlessly streaming RaiPlay outside Italy:

Speed – Leveraging next-gen VPN protocol NordLynx, NordVPN offers blazing fast connections even while encrypting user traffic. This ensures smooth playback for overseas RaiPlay viewers without annoying buffering or stalls.

Reliability – Boasting over 5200 servers spanning across 60 countries, NordVPN guarantees reliable performance. Italian servers in Milan, Rome and other cities provide stable tunnels purpose-built for high-speed media streaming appropriate for HD RaiPlay access from abroad.

Security – Based in Panama, outside surveillance alliances, NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy for user data alongside providing AES-256 encrypted VPN tunnels with additional DNS/IPv6 leak protection, securing customer privacy.

Accessibility – Easy-to-use apps across Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux platforms ensure global users can readily connect to NordVPN for RaiPlay. Dedicated IP option also eliminates blacklisting risks.

When compared to competitors ExpressVPN and CyberGhost that also reliably unblock RaiPlay from overseas, NordVPN matches them on core features while adding extras like P2P support, Onion Over VPN access to anonymity network Tor, and Obfuscated Servers. Its longer-term subscription plans are more wallet-friendly too!

How to Use NordVPN for RaiPlay

Using NordVPN for watching RaiPlay anywhere in the world only takes a few quick steps:

1. Sign Up – Visit NordVPN’s website to create a user account by providing your email address and setting a login password. Opt for the 2-year plan or longer for maximum savings.

2. Download & Install – Download and install the NordVPN app for your appropriate desktop or mobile device platform that you’ll watch RaiPlay from.

Windows and Mac users can alternatively install browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox for VPN access just within their web browser instead of device-wide.

3. Log In – Open the NordVPN app and log in using your registered username and password associated with your account.

4. Connect to Italy – NordVPN lists cities rather than country names when showing available VPN server locations. Select any Italian city like Rome, Milan or Naples from the location list to connect to an Italian-based VPN server.

5. Launch RaiPlay – Open RaiPlay using any web browser or smart TV app. Your IP address now shows as Italian, allowing you to bypass region filters and seamlessly watch all available content!

Extra Tip for Ensuring Quality HD Streaming:

In the NordVPN app settings, enable CyberSec feature. It blocks intrusive ads, malware websites and other external elements that may hamper streaming speeds or accessibility while watching RaiPlay. Turning on Obfuscated Servers adds an extra layer of encryption recommended when accessing streaming sites from restricted regions.

Troubleshooting Tips for RaiPlay Not Working With NordVPN

In rare cases, you may face errors like loading failures or playback issues when trying to stream RaiPlay over NordVPN:

RaiPlay Detecting VPN usage – Streaming services actively try to block perceived VPN access to impose content geo-restrictions. Change to a different NordVPN server located in Rome, Milan or other Italian cities to acquire a fresh IP address avoiding detection.

Internet Kill Switch disabled – NordVPN has a handy in-built Internet Kill Switch feature that blocks all web traffic as soon as the VPN connection drops. This avoids exposing your actual foreign IP to RaiPlay mid-session if the VPN disconnects. Enable the Kill Switch for uninterrupted secure access.

Outdated RaiPlay app – Older versions of RaiPlay player or browser plugins may contain geo-blocking codes unknown to NordVPN. Install all the latest RaiPlay and browser app updates after checking their changelogs for fixes improving VPN compatibility and eliminating restrictions.

In most cases, the aforementioned tips should quickly troubleshoot and resolve the majority of common RaiPlay access issues over NordVPN connections from outside Italy. Reach out to NordVPN’s friendly customer support experts for further assistance too!


RaiPlay brings the extensive catalogue of Italian entertainment content from public broadcaster Rai to internet users worldwide. Unfortunately, regional access barriers still persist. Thankfully, NordVPN provides the perfect remedy!

Offering ideal blend of high-speed servers within Italy, strong encryption to protect user privacy, multi-platform apps and configurable settings, NordVPN enables foreigners get front-row access to RaiPlay’s vibrant library as if virtually based in the country!

Both streaming performance and reliability stay consistently up to the mark. For uninterrupted indulgence in Rai productions abroad on your device of choice, NordVPN has all bases covered!