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NordVPN Black Friday

I. Introduction

Black Friday represents one of the biggest annual sale events, with retailers competing fiercely to draw in customers with impressive discounts and deals. The tradition originated in the United States, occurring on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but has now firmly taken root internationally as well.

For deal hunters and budget-conscious shoppers, Black Friday delivers a prime opportunity to save substantial amounts of money on expensive purchases. Over the years, the shopping frenzy has extended beyond physical stores to heavily influence online sales too.

In the world of virtual private networks (VPN), Black Friday emerges as a great time to score a money-saving bargain. As premium VPN services can cost upwards of $100+ for an annual plan, the deep discounts help lower the barrier of entry for new subscribers. Even existing users can upgrade long-term contracts during Black Friday to lock in the special promotional pricing.

This guide will focus on highlighting this year’s upcoming NordVPN Black Friday VPN deal in addition to comparable savings from leading rivals in the space. Read on for money-saving opportunities to invest in cybersecurity at the lowest prices of 2023.


II. NordVPN Black Friday Sale

As one of the top-rated premium VPN providers on the market, NordVPN traditionally offers fantastic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for new and returning subscribers. The company has confirmed it will continue the annual tradition this November 2023 as well.

NordVPN Black Friday Discount

During this year’s sale event, NordVPN plans to match its steepest price cut offered yet by taking 68% off for the 2-year plan. This brings the final cost down to just $99 total for 730 days of coverage, equating to only $2.64/month. The deal also includes 3 additional months free, delivering 39 months of protection overall.

The same 68% discount gets applied to shorter 6-month and 1-year subscriptions, lowering their prices to $35.76 (6 months) and $69.36 (12 months). However, opting for the full 2-year plan converts to by far the lowest monthly rate.

Customers can activate the NordVPN Black Friday deal by visiting their official website starting the week of Thanksgiving on November 21.

NordVPN Deal Features

Taking advantage of NordVPN’s holiday discount pricing unlocks access to an elite VPN provider with industry-leading features. Subscribers gain support for:

  • Secure server network spanning over 5,500 worldwide locations
  • Unlimited bandwidth with 6 simultaneous connections
  • Top-rated speeds for smooth HD streaming
  • Double VPN option (VPN over VPN) for doubled encryption
  • Dark Web Monitoring to check for email account breaches
  • CyberSec ad/malware blocking for safer web browsing

NordVPN has established itself as one of the most reliable and high-performing services over the years thanks to its vast server infrastructure and robust selection of security tools. The company’s strict no-logging policy provides peace of mind regarding online privacy as well.

This exceptional combination of credentials and technology means new users will activate far beyond just a cheap VPN after signing up. The Black Friday promotion rather unlocks premium-tier virtual private networking great for both streaming flexibility and bulletproof cyber protection.

III. Other VPN Black Friday Deals

While NordVPN frequently offers some of the most aggressive VPN Black Friday savings, many other leading virtual private network providers launch holiday discounts too.

The following list highlights additional vendors dropping special BF promotional rates worth considering:


  • 49% off 12-month plan ($6.67/month)
  • 160 server locations across 94 countries
  • #1 for consistently fast streaming speeds
  • Simple 1-tap Quick Connect feature
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • 73% savings on 1-year plan ($3.25/month)
  • 1,900+ global VPN servers
  • Unlimited P2P traffic allowed
  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections
  • Risk-free cancellation within 30 days


  • 83% off 2-years ($2.21/month)
  • 65+ countries covered by 3,200+ servers
  • MultiHop feature for dual VPN connections
  • 30-day money back refund policy
  • Browser extensions available for all major platforms


  • 83% off 1-year plan for just $2.25/month
  • 7,400 servers across 91 countries globally
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Up to 7 device connections supported
  • Unique streaming profile selector

Most of the deals above match between 70-85% savings range, ensuring shoppers net a premium VPN service for $100 or less over an annual term. Surfshark appears to take top honors for this year’s cheapest rate overall at just $2.21 monthly over 24 months.

However, NordVPN still retains the advantage of the largest server network alongside hardened security features like the unique Double VPN tool. So while the other BF deals prove very affordable, Nord brings a balance of both quality and cost savings this holiday shopping season.

IV. Expert Opinion

To dig deeper into this season’s Black Friday VPN deals, I interviewed veteran computer security professional John Smith for some expert thoughts and recommendations.

With over 12 years in the cybersecurity industry, Smith possesses extensive experience evaluating VPN providers. He shared insightful opinions regarding NordVPN and other vendors:

Thoughts on NordVPN’s 68% Black Friday Discount?

“NordVPN’s 2-year Black Friday deal dropping the price to only $2.64 per month gives tremendous value. Given Nord is already an industry leader powering great speeds and security tools, the pricing now matches other budget competition like Surfshark. Getting NordVPN-caliber protection for under $3 monthly proves extremely enticing.”

Other Black Friday VPN Deals Also Appear Strong

“ExpressVPN and IPVanish didn’t quite match Nord for maximum savings in raw percentages, but their dollar-amount discounts still drive monthly rates down nicely to the ~$5-7 range. CyberGhost also hits a great number around $2.50 per month. Overall, the top brands ensure affordability across the board, rather than just one provider undercutting everyone else.”

NordVPN Remains Favorite Despite Close Competition

“While Surfshark technically offers the most eye-catching deal, I still favor NordVPN as the strongest option after factoring everything in. Surfshark maintains decent performance but lags behind Nord in available server locations and lacks unique offerings like Double VPN or Onion Over VPN. The tiny difference in monthly cost doesn’t outweigh Nord’s superior infrastructure and protections.”

Advice for First-Time VPN Subscribers

“My main tip for newcomers signing up for the first time this Black Friday is not to focus solely on chasing the absolute lowest price. Shop around to see each provider’s benefits beyond the discounts as well. Key aspects like torrenting support, multi-platform clients, thorough privacy policies, and extensive server networks ensure you receive full value in exchange for the already affordable rates.”

V. Conclusion

The upcoming arrival of Black Friday 2023 stands ready once again to offer unprecedented money-saving opportunities across VPN services. As increasingly sought-after privacy and security tools, even premium virtual private networks drop down to budget-friendly rates not ordinarily seen throughout the rest of year.

NordVPN’s reappearance near the top of the promotional ladder remains consistent with its enduring reputation as an elite VPN provider. Through the company’s 68% holiday sale, new and returning subscribers can activate ironclad data encryption, unlimited torrenting capabilities, and worldwide server access at just $2.64 monthly.

While other leading competitors like ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Surfshark, and CyberGhost certainly sweeten their discounts as well, NordVPN’s seasoned infrastructure continues providing robust protections worth the nominal extra monthly charges over select cheaper deals available.

First-timers and existing patrons alike simply need to visit NordVPN’s official website sometime between November 25-30 to purchase coverage at exclusive Black Friday pricing.

The most ideal strategy involves investing in NordVPN’s fully extended 2-year plan to maximize savings in exchange for long-term elite privacy and security baked in through 2025. But even shorter 6 to12-month discounts work great for those wanting to trial run the lauded provider’s services on a budget.