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ExpressVPN Subscription


Over the last decade, ExpressVPN has earned praise as a top-tier virtual private network (VPN) service for protecting online privacy. With more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries, blazing speeds, and intuitive apps for all devices, it’s easy to see why ExpressVPN attracts millions of loyal users.1

However, the real advantage comes through ExpressVPN’s proven security features like mandatory encryption, strict no-logging policies, and multi-layered protocols authenticating devices and traffic sources. These enterprise-grade protections allow consumers, remote workers and travelers alike to browse the internet safely from public WiFi, unblock geo-restricted content, and evade snooping by network providers across private/public networks.

Subscription Plans

Those looking to leverage ExpressVPN’s industry leading VPN capabilities can select from three straightforward pricing plans:

● 1 Month Plan: $12.95/mo
● 6 Months Plan: $9.99/mo ● 12 Month Plan: $8.32/mo (49% savings + 3 months FREE)

All plans enable the exact same suite of features granting users unlimited access to ExpressVPN’s entire VPN server network and software clients without restrictions. Users still retain the ability to connect 5 simultaneous devices through ExpressVPN regardless of billing cycle duration.

Added plan perks encompass a 30-day return guarantee allowing new users to receive a hassle-free refund if unsatisfied. ExpressVPN also accepts a wide range of payment options spanning major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and other international providers.

But without question, ExpressVPN’s 12 month subscription offers unmatched value averaging just $6.67 monthly when factoring in the additional 3 months free. This caters perfectly for privacy-focused consumers prioritizing an encrypted internet connection across the entirety of their devices – laptops, tablets, phones, and routers.

Features and Benefits

Examining the comprehensive Virtual Private Network protections and capabilities bundled with ExpressVPN subscriptions further demonstrates the immense value users derive:

Lightning-Fast VPN Servers Each ExpressVPN subscription unlocks unlimited access to a premium network of 3000+ worldwide VPN servers operating the latest server hardware and unmetered bandwidth. These deliver blazing connection speeds capable of HD and 4K video streaming thanks to optimized software, proximity-based location matching, and uncongested traffic routing.

Access Anywhere Convenience ExpressVPN supports nearly any internet-connected device through custom apps for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). Manual router installation options even extend VPN coverage over additional gadgets like smart home hubs and gaming consoles. Switching between different devices remains seamless with one unified login.

Secure Public WiFi Connections Free public WiFi poses major security risks from hacker eavesdropping and MITM attacks. ExpressVPN blankets all network traffic under banking-grade 256-bit AES encryption so hackers cannot decipher any packets even when sniffing traffic directly off WiFi access points. A private VPN tunnel authorizes safe passage.

Unblock Streaming Services Virtually no region restrictions can halt ExpressVPN subscribers travelling abroad or blocked locally. Just by switching server locations, entire Netflix libraries open up along with ABC, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and over 300 streaming services in total. Fake GPS locators and obfuscated servers assure IP-based blocks never impede viewing.

100% No Activity Logs Guarantee Maintaining anonymity matters most for VPN adopters, hence why ExpressVPN underwent independent audits affirming their authentic no-logging policies. Verified through top cybersecurity firm KPMG1, ExpressVPN VPN servers retain zero activity logs tracing websites visited or traffic back to specific users. An undisputable trust advantage versus less transparent rivals claiming fictional privacy not matched during audits.


Stacking ExpressVPN pricing against alternatives makes clear just how cost effective an encrypted connection through their service proves across devices. Compared to competitor options:

● Surfshark VPN: $2.49/month for 24 months
● CyberGhost VPN: $2.25/month for 36 months ● Private Internet Access: $2.69/ month for 36 months

When normalizing for the same 12 month duration, ExpressVPN looks even more affordable at $6.67 monthly especially noting the extra 3 months free. Factor in the immense infrastructure and feature advantages, ExpressVPN easily justifies spending a few extra dollars monthly to secure all gadgets simultaneously at blazing speeds.

Privacy always carries a premium over free VPN alternatives that recoup massive data collection and targeting advertising to fund operations. For roughly the cost of a coffee per month4, ExpressVPN provides bank-level encryption, verified no-tracking guarantees, access worldwide and dedicated 24/7 customer support. Absolute value.

User Experience

Securing internet devices using VPN protection may seem intimidating for beginners lacking technical skills. Fortunately ExpressVPN built their apps and guides to simplify setup procedures to just a few user-friendly steps. Even networking novices stand to leverage their fast VPN thanks to:

● Easy-Install Clients: User-tested 1-click apps for all platforms avoid manual tweaking downloading/enabling encryption standards. Just login and connect via any device.

● Intuitive Server Switching: Quick connect recommendations display optimal countries based on speed tests and load balancing. Or easily browse locations worldwide inside each app.

● Responsive 24/7 Live Chat: ExpressVPN customer support staffs 300+ experts capable of solving challenging VPN connection, speeds or streaming access issues in under a minute via real-time chat.

● Resources Library: Hundreds of tutorials walkthrough VPN troubleshooting, best practices optimizing speeds, router installation guides and general education around internet privacy threats.

Rave user feedback SiteJabber and TrustPilot reveals ExpressVPN’s excellence assisting customers implement robust security measures across devices1. Consumers clearly resonate with their stress-free apps, informative resources and exemplary support resolving any hiccups blocking safe access.

Security and Privacy Indicators

Multiple trusted cybersecurity authorities validate ExpressVPN operates safely and ethically across backend infrastructure without compromising privacy. Positive indicators include:

● 100% RAM-Disk Server Infrastructure: ExpressVPN deploys “TrustedServer” technology1 loading server operating systems exclusively into temporary memory without local storage. This physically prevents recording any user activity by not retaining data post-restart.

● Independently Audited Encryption & No-Logs: Led by top firm KPMG2, ExpressVPN is contentiously audited to guarantee real-world adherence to industry best practices around encrypting user traffic, internet routing patterns and logging avoidance. Companies can claim anything prior to external verification.

● Secure Core Topology: ExpressVPN’s ultra-private network backbone adds secondary VPN hops across hardened servers to obscure traffic analysis attacks. This uncrackable network-within-a-network conceals your originating IP address exiting requests from a random country to provide ultimate online anonymity.

● Perfect Forward Secrecy: ExpressVPN implements PFS utilizing frequently rotating encryption keys making past VPN traffic impossible to decrypt even if current keys got compromised. Preventing bulk capture attacks in case temporary servers face seizure.

Referral Program

Signing up for ExpressVPN directly also qualifies new users to participate in their generous affiliate program. Referring friends to purchase a one year ExpressVPN subscription earns existing customers referral credits equal to one month of free VPN service per person referred (up to 12 months total).

The ExpressVPN referral program does come with certain limitations:

● Referral months must get claimed within 180 days of new user purchase

● Free months from referrals cannot stack on top of existing subscriptions, but rather extend the renewal date equivalently

Additionally, customers having originally purchased ExpressVPN through app stores cannot collect referral credits. But otherwise directly registering at lets subscribers easily take advantage of the affiliate rewards system through their account dashboard.

On the flip side, referred friends receive advantages like a 30-day money back promise and the same low pricing versus normal rates. So promoting ExpressVPN to colleagues needing simple VPN protection typically brings reciprocal benefits sustaining everyone’s online privacy longer term.

Additional Information

Interested to learn more about ExpressVPN’s evolving security capabilities protecting internet users worldwide? Be sure to bookmark their ExpressVPN Blog analyzing cyber privacy threats in depth, walkthrough new product feature releases, detail company transparency milestones and cover essential guides understand VPN technology at large.

Some highlighted ExpressVPN Blog content categories include:

● Product Updates: Announcements around new app releases, infrastructure expansions, technology integrations, server locations and internal development news.

● Security Essentials: Cybersecurity experts cover VPN-related topics like preventing DNS leaks, understanding VPN protocols differences, why data privacy matters more broadly, and research around surveillance/censorship controls worldwide.

● Company News: Get the scoop directly from ExpressVPN leadership regarding transparency milestones like updated audits, ethical business practices, and partnerships expanding internet access/education globally with organizations like Human Rights Watch and the Internet Security Research Group.

● Help & Support: Step-by-step walkthroughs from ExpressVPN’s support team that visually guide connections from Windows/Mac desktops, iOS/Android mobile devices, manually configuring routers for home coverage and streaming box configurations like Roku, Firestick and Apple TV setup.

● Location Deep Dives: Insights showcasing unique censorship threats and content libraries within countries worldwide that users can safely access using an ExpressVPN connection.

Checking ExpressVPN’s blog routinely ensures customers stay updated with the latest VPN application improvements, expansion announcements to high risk regions imposing digital restrictions and practical guides understanding modern encryption standards for protecting personal data flows. Proactively reading over these materials will pay dividends improving general digital literacy too.