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The Best Free VPNs for Italy in 2024

Using a virtual private network (VPN) is becoming increasingly important in Italy for protecting online privacy and accessing regional content while traveling abroad.

Italian internet service providers are legally allowed to log user data, share it with authorities upon request, and even sell it to third party advertisers. This represents a major risk for consumers concerned about companies tracking their browsing habits, shopping behaviors and private communications.

Additionally, Italy continues passing concerning legislation that chips away at digital rights regarding piracy enforcement and mandatory data retention policies across EU member states. These developments threaten online anonymity while accessing the internet within Italy if proper precautions are not taken by citizens.

Fortunately, installing a VPN app on your devices provides encryption to shield your browsing, allowing you to take control of your privacy as it pertains to ISP tracking and overreaching governmental decrees.

However, not every VPN is created equal. Cheap or outright free providers based overseas in regions with loose data protection laws cannot be trusted to keep no usage or traffic logs. Such logging policies directly contradict using a VPN for maintaining confidentiality online in the first place.

This guide will cover how a quality free VPN configured properly can still provide sufficient privacy and security when accessing the internet from Italy. Let’s review the top providers available, key selection criteria, proper setup across devices, and more.

Best VPNs for Italy

Paid VPN services with clearly demonstrated no-logging policies, malware protection and fast Italian servers are recommended for optimal privacy. Here are top tier options to consider:


  • Maximum online protection courtesy of industry-leading encryption protocols
  • Strict no logs policy protecting all web traffic and activity
  • Fast Italian servers located in Milan ideal for local streaming
  • Easy-to-use apps for all desktop and mobile operating systems


  • Next-gen AES-256 bit encryption configured through WireGuard protocol
  • Includes ad, malware and phishing site blocking for secure connections
  • Average recorded speeds of over 200 Mbps in Italy using Milan servers
  • Unlimited device support to secure all electronics in your household


  • High level AES, SHA and ECDH encryption standards utilizing IKEv2 protocol
  • Based in privacy-friendly Switzerland with laws forbidding data retention
  • Owns servers directly in Italy rather than renting third-party space
  • Free version available with no data limits and basic streaming capabilities

Atlas VPN

  • Lightning fast WireGuard configured connections reaching 500+ Mbps
  • Minimal impact on device battery life and processing strain
  • Generous free data limit of up to 30GB per month
  • No activity or connection logs are ever recorded, even on free plan

Premium services like these ensure rock-solid protection when using the internet in privacy-averse Italy thanks to state-of-the-art encryption protocols and infrastructure controlled directly by the provider. Most importantly, logging policies are heavily scrutinized and vetted by independent agencies.

However, even the best free VPN competitors demonstrate performance and features that suffice for basic privacy needs.

Best Free VPNs for Italy

Free VPN tools can still be suitable for use in Italy despite offering reduced server selection and slower speeds compared to premium services. Here are the top recommendations:


The heralded paid provider actually offers a quality free subscription granting access to over 5,300 servers in 60 countries without logging your actions. While connection speeds are throttled, their strict logging policies extend to free members as well. With Italian server options, NordVPN is easily the best free VPN choice in the region.

Proton VPN

Developed by scientists and activists, Proton VPN features state-of-the-art encryption methods like AES-256 bit, perfect forward secrecy and SHA256 message authentication that keep you anonymous. They also offer unlimited data bandwidth and server switching on their free plan. However, streaming site access is highly restricted.

Atlas VPN

This rising VPN provider has quickly built an impressive infrastructure network granting users free access to servers in over a dozen countries. All users benefit from Atlas VPN’s reliable no logging policies and unlimited data bandwidth caps every month. The mobile apps and ad-blocking features are also very polished for a free product.

Choosing any of these three options based on device support needs and desired locations to virtually access the web from affords tremendous privacy for Italian residents vs utilizing a random dangerously mismanaged free service with shady business practices.

Limitations of Free VPNs

Despite providing basic levels of security and privacy for casual browsing, free VPN options have considerable limitations including:

  • Slower Speeds: Free VPN servers are throttled to conserve resources for paid subscribers, resulting in slower page loads and streaming buffering.
  • Restricted Servers: Location selection is narrowed down to only a few countries rather than 100+ server regions offered on full-version services. Less configuration options to fine tune for speed and geo-spoofing workarounds.
  • Data Caps: Most providers enforce monthly data caps limiting usage time which can negatively impact large downloads or frequent browsing. Forced disconnections hamper long-term performance.
  • No Access to Streaming Sites: Due to infrastructure limitations and exclusivity rights agreements, free VPN versions cannot access popular sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer that recognize their IP addresses.

Despite limitations for high-intensity digital activities like torrenting or streaming region-locked content, basic web browsing and communication privacy remains intact on leading options like ProtonVPN and NordVPN.

How to Use a VPN in Italy

Once signed up for a chosen provider’s free or paid Italian VPN service, simply installing and activating their app protects all traffic exiting your device. Let’s cover the setup process:

Desktop Instructions

  1. Visit the VPN provider’s website to create a free account or subscription. Download the Windows PC, Mac or Linux app.
  2. Open the installer and follow prompts guiding through the installation process. Apps typically sit in task bars for easy activation.
  3. Right click the new VPN toolbar icon and connect to an Italian server location – preferably Milan or Rome for fastest national routing .

You are now securely browsing with encryption shielding your traffic from external monitoring while preventing ISPs from logging your actions!

Mobile Guidelines

  1. Create an account with your selected VPN provider via mobile browser or install their official app from iOS and Android stores post-registration.
  2. Tap the new VPN app to open it. Choose Italy as your target country to route connections through.
  3. Hit the Connect button and wait for the VPN icon to display secured status indicating encryption protocols are actively shielding all mobile browsing data exiting your device.

Using reputable VPN apps with Italian servers ensures every ounce of smartphone traffic is anonymized from various legalized domestic spying efforts.

Access an Italian IP Address Anywhere

One benefit to running VPN traffic through international servers is the ability to spoof your IP address, tricking sites and services into believing you are accessing the internet from another country.

This allows you to view Italy-specific web content as if browsing from Rome on a tablet in New York City! Here is how to configure your chosen VPN app to present an Italian IP:

  1. Establish an account with NordVPN, Surfshark or Atlas VPN utilizing iOS and Android apps or Chrome / Firefox browser extensions on desktops.
  2. Connect to a server located in Italy – preferably hosted in Milan or Rome for optimal speeds.
  3. Visit a site like Google or Wikipedia and search for the phrase “what is my IP address”. The results displayed will reflect an Italian IP from whichever major city you are routing through!

Note that some sites like Netflix Italy automatically read VPN traffic and block access to region-locked content. For best streaming functionality, using paid services tested for unblocking capabilities is advised.

But for general privacy purposes and masking your true geographical whereabouts, routing your internet traffic through Italian servers successfully spoofs an Italian IP address every time.


Installing a VPN in Italy protects residents against endemic domestic spying from ISPs storing private usage data and governmental policies eroding online privacy rights.

Paid services like NordVPN and Surfshark using next-gen encryption protocols, expansive server networks and clearly defined no logging policies provide the gold standard in VPN protection.

However, we covered leading free Italy VPN options like ProtonVPN and Atlas VPN demonstrating that basic web browsing security and regional IP spoofing remains achievable without monthly fees.

Everyone accessing the internet from Italy should install either a premier paid VPN or highly reviewed free alternative on all regularly used devices as a form of digital self-defense in this increasingly hostile era of mass surveillance and data harvesting both at home and abroad.

So stay safe using the web from bellissimo Italia using this detailed 2024 VPN guide tailoring the optimal tools to fit protection requirements and budget!