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Best Mobile VPN Free

Best Free Mobile VPNs in 2024

Using a virtual private network (VPN) on your mobile device is becoming increasingly important in order to protect your privacy and security. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to threats like hacking and malware when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, your internet service provider can see all of your browsing activity when you are not using a VPN.

A mobile VPN allows you to encrypt your internet traffic and route it through a remote server, hiding your IP address and online activities from prying eyes. This prevents hackers from accessing your data and stops advertisers from tracking you across the web.

While paid VPNs often provide faster speeds and more features, there are some excellent free options available in 2024 specifically designed for mobile users. The top free mobile VPNs can still provide sufficient security, good speeds, and helpful features like unlimited data and bandwidth.

This comprehensive guide will cover the best free VPN choices in 2024 for both Android and iOS devices.

Best Free VPNs for Android

The Android operating system powers over 70% of smartphones globally. It features an open platform that allows installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. This flexibility comes with increased security risks.

Installing one of the top free VPNs helps keep your Android device and sensitive information safe, especially when connecting to public networks. Here are the best free options for VPN on Android devices.


ProtonVPN is provided by the team behind ProtonMail, the encrypted email service trusted by journalists and activists worldwide. It offers a free version perfect for mobile users.

Some key features include:

  • High Security: Uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption and secure IKEv2/OpenVPN protocols. Includes built-in malware and phishing protection.
  • ** Unlimited Bandwidth**: No hidden data caps on the free plan so you can browse and stream freely. Speeds are reliable for most uses.
  • Works on Android TV: Can be manually configured to work on Android smart TVs for secure streaming.
  • Easy Setup: User-friendly apps for Android. Intuitive interface makes connecting fast and frustration-free.

While customer service options are limited for free users, the ProtonVPN app itself contains guides and detailed setup instructions. With strong security, unlimited data use, and Android TV support, ProtonVPN is a top choice for free mobile VPN use.


Based in Hong Kong and operational since 2006, PureVPN leverages over 6,500 servers to deliver reliable connectivity and online freedom.

Here are some notable features that make it a great free Android VPN:

  • Optimized for Android TV: User-friendly TV compatible apps allow you to install PureVPN directly on smart TVs running Android. This enables secure streaming from dangerous networks.
  • Unlimited Devices: Most VPNs limit use to 1 or 5 devices on free plans. PureVPN places no restrictions if within a single network. Great for securing all devices at home.
  • NAT Firewall: Provides an extra layer of cybersecurity by masking your IP address and monitoring network traffic for suspicious activity. Prevents DDOS attacks.

The unlimited multi-device support combined with firewall security and Android TV optimization makes PureVPN stand out as a flexible free option for Android users.


With over 3,200 servers in 65 countries, Surfshark is a fast-rising VPN that delivers speedy connections with no data limits for mobile users.

Top features offered include:

  • Unlimited Devices: Unlike most other services, the free version of Surfshark permits unlimited device connections with no restrictions. Allows you to secure all phones, tablets and PCs used by your friends and family.
  • Quick Speeds: Surfshark uses high-end servers equipped with RAM caches that deliver blazing fast internet connections for streaming and downloads. Ideal for avoiding throttling.
  • Ad Blocking: The Android app has a built-in ad blocker that removes annoying ads and stops companies tracking your usage across sites. Speeds up page loading.

For unlimited device support across both mobile and desktop combined with rapid speeds, Surfshark is an excellent free VPN pick for the privacy-conscious Android user.

Best Mobile VPNs for iOS

Apple’s iOS platform powers all iPhones and iPads. Although iOS is considered very secure, utilizing a free VPN app from the App Store adds an extra layer of encryption and anonymity for your device and internet traffic.

The top free options for securing your iPhone or iPad browsing are ExpressVPN and NordVPN.


While mainly marketed as a premium VPN service, ExpressVPN offers a quality free version perfect for the mobile iOS user.

Here’s an overview:

  • Air-Tight Security: Uses an AES-256 bit encryption standard with support for PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. Provides industrial-grade protection without sacrificing connection speed.
  • Proven Policy of Zero Logging: ExpressVPN has a clearly demonstrated policy of never logging traffic or online activity data. This prevents tracking and maintains privacy.
  • MediaStreamer DNS for Unblocking: Gets around geo-restrictions to access more shows and content anywhere by masking DNS data from streaming sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

With best-in-class encryption methods and a proven zero logging policy, you can trust ExpressVPN to keep your iOS device and personal information completely secure and private.


NordVPN frequently rates as one of the fastest and most secure paid VPN providers globally across various independent testing platforms.

It’s free offering for iOS devices also excels by providing:

  • Quick Server Speeds: NordVPN owns and manages the entirety of its server infrastructure, allowing for consistent fast connections worldwide – despite being free.
  • Onion Over VPN: Extra layer of encryption that routes traffic through the Onion network before encrypting again with NordVPN servers. Provides hacker-proof anonymity online.
  • Customized Apps: The iOS and iPadOS apps are designed specifically for Apple devices, offering intuitive interfaces that make using the VPN seamless. Connects in one click.

NordVPN is renowned for providing lightning fast tier-1 VPN connections without sacrificing user experience. This focus on speed and customization makes it a great choice for getting more out of your iPhone or iPad for free.

Top Free VPN Providers

Up until now we’ve focused on the best free VPN options specifically designed for mobile users across Android and iOS devices. However, there are many reputable VPN providers that offer completely free desktop and browser-based services you can use to secure other computers and devices in your home.

While speeds and features are reduced compared to the paid tiers, the top free VPN tools still provide sufficient functionality and security for most. Here is an overview of two of the best providers of free VPN services suitable for home networks and desktops.


Privado is a relatively new VPN provider that aims to make online privacy accessible for everyone through their unlimited, completely free service tier.

Some highlights include:

  • No Data Limits: Get as much data as you want, forever, at uncapped speeds up to 10Mbps – vastly higher than free plans offered by competitors
  • Unblocks Streaming Sites: This is a surprise bonus considering most free VPNs actually prevent access to geo-locked platforms like Netflix and BBC iPlayer due to infrastructure restrictions.
  • Ad and Malware Blocking: PrivadoVPN comes packaged with features more commonly found in premium suites like ad blocking and anti-malware scanning. Maintains both privacy and security.

Independent testing confirms PrivadoVPN provides versatile functionality you often only find in top dollar premium suites – at no cost. Perfect for students on a budget or families setting up their home networks.


Windscribe takes a refreshing approach to providing VPN access for the privacy-centric internet user. Their social-conscious business model has attracted millions of users across desktop and mobile devices.

Key perks provided on the base free VPN subscription are:

  • Unlimited Data Transmission: Get 10GB of free VPN traffic every month – more than enough for the average internet user concerned about privacy. Can even increase by referring friends.
  • Excellent Speed Performance: Windscribe utilizes premium infrastructure to ensure fast, reliable connections on popular sites and services – despite being entirely free.
  • Intuitive Apps and Guides: The user interface for configuring and connecting to the VPN is a breeze across desktop and mobile. Getting set up to browse privately takes seconds.

With a forward-thinking non-profit driven mission and great speeds across unlimited devices, Windscribe’s free VPN elevates online privacy protection for public good.


This comprehensive guide covered the key options available in 2024 for free VPN tiers intended for the mobile iOS and Android user, in addition to the top free providers suitable for desktop environments and home networks on unlimited devices.

Some of the fastest, most secure, unlimited data compatible and customizable services highlighted include ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, PrivadoVPN and Windscribe. All represent excellence within the sphere of free tools focused on accessibility and delivering core VPN functionality.

Based on the specific needs for balancing speed, number of device connections and user-friendly apps – we recommend ProtonVPN as the best free mobile VPN for unlimited Android devices and ExpressVPN as the ideal choice for protecting iOS iPhones and iPads.

Installing a reputable free VPN that aligns with your priorities for speed, data limits and number of device connections is a simple, wise way to vastly improve privacy and security in an increasingly vulnerable digital age – at no cost.