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I. Introduction

HitmanPro by Sophos represents a specialized malware removal tool for identifying and eliminating infections missed by primary security suites. It works alongside existing antivirus programs as added insurance against overlooked threats leveraging innovative behavioral-based detection methods.

Key capabilities include rootkit discovery, ransomware rollback, exploit mitigation, malware quarantine and cloud-based threat lookups providing second opinions on suspicious payloads.sophos The software aims particularly at power users, system administrators and IT professionals as an advanced disinfection toolkit supplementing traditional real-time shields.

This review examines HitmanPro’s standout features for combatting stealthy malware, support options, effectiveness at catching evasive threats, pricing, and usage comparisons with alternative remediation tools like Malwarebytes. Testing bears out the software’s prowess isolating and neutralizing viruses, worms, trojans and other attacks resisting first-line AV deletion.

II. HitmanPro Features

HitmanPro deploys numerous methods for sniffing out stubborn malware hiding from standard antivirus scanners leveraging these main capabilities:

Real-Time Protection

Always-on behavioral monitoring notes suspicious system alterations that could indicate infection even if specific threats lack known signatures for matching. These help flag likely viruses for further scrutiny.

Exploit Protection

Proactively patches vulnerable applications against exploit techniques like buffer overflow attacks that hackers leverage to silently plant malware payloads onto systems without files directly.

Scanning Options

Quick, intelligent and cloud scans check suspect files locally while referencing continually updated online threat databases for second opinions to verify whether detections warrant quarantining or cleaning.

User Interface

An intuitive dashboard highlights ongoing background system monitoring status while allowing execution of assorted scan types against select drives, folders and boot records via simple clicks.

Quick Scan Initiation

Jump directly to rapid or full scans using right-click context menus on files and folders in Windows Explorer for convenient inspection of questionable payloads discovered on downloads or external media.

Customer Support

Ticketing and remote desktop support assists users assessing scan logs and quarantined threats. Knowledge base articles also address infection removal procedures, best practices and error troubleshooting.

Cost and Pricing

Annual subscriptions for 1 or 3 devices cost $59.95 and $79.95 featuring automatic definition updates ensuring peak detection rates against the latest malware strains and attack methods.


HitsmanPro supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Vista operating systems covering both 32 and 64-bit architectures with no macOS or mobile support currently available.

Test Results

AV-TEST awards 6 star “Top Product” certification thanks to nearly flawless protection scores and low false positives across thousands of malware samples. Reviewers praise sophisticated behavior analysis thwarting threats that evade pattern matching.

III. HitmanPro.Alert Antivirus Review

HitmanPro.Alert acts as Sophos’ full antivirus package bundling the removal tool with real-time shields blocking viruses, ransomware, exploits, and phishing websites via cloud-assisted isolation and machine learning.

Lightweight Design

Low memory footprint around 200MB plus carefully optimized I/O impact from drivers and shields minimize performance drag for resource intensive applications like video editing or gaming.

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Cloud lookup features allow matching domain reputations and payload contents without exposing sensitive data externally, keeping web activity secured.


Setup supports all Windows releases back to XP with streamlined options for installing alongside existing antivirus shields without conflicts thanks to isolation modes for malware scanning.

Free Trial

30 day full functionality trials enable experiencing complete threat blocking and detection capabilities across endpoints before deciding whether to purchase.

Payment Options

Alert Anti-Virus sells for $35 yearly covering 3 devices featuring automatic definition updates and upgrade entitlements ensuring users run the latest software version.


Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware and Windows Defender offer comparable secondary scanning and real-time options, but may miss advanced threats like fileless or script-based attacks that breach traditional signature defenses.

IV. HitmanPro vs Malwarebytes

HitmanPro and Malwarebytes both focus on behavioral analysis to catch threats bypassing standard antivirus scanners, but feature some key detection methodology differences:

Impact on System Resources

Malwarebytes historically consumed more passive system resources than HitmanPro across metrics like RAM utilization, processor usage and battery runtime thanks to the latter’s smaller driver footprint.

Installation Considerations

HitmanPro uniquely supports CAMOUFLAGEransomware encryption rollback through non-resident deployment, allowing recovery tools triggering even if an infection blocks installs of persistent utilities.

Pricing Comparison

Subscription plans closely align at $40 yearly for covering 3 devices. Bulk licensing savings apply faster for Malwarebytes covering more seats, but HitmanPro permits mixing license types across endpoint quantities.

User Interface Style

Malwarebytes displays more consumer-friendly dashboard with status indicators versus the spartan scan-oriented UI layout of HitmanPro catering more towards technical enterprise audiences.

Feature Variances

Malwarebytes ships with wider range of anti-exploit protections like web shield whereas HitmanPro concentrates specifically on breach remediation tools for IT crews without the additional endpoint hardening features beyond anti-virus.

On the whole both deserve consideration as secondary malware catchers backing up traditional signature-based defenses using proven behavioral observation methods. Lean towards HitmanPro when prioritizing minimal performance impact or combating advanced attacks like ransomware. But Malwarebytes edges out on flexibility implementing across broad device fleets.

V. HitmanPro 3.7 Review

HitmanPro 3.7 represents Sophos’ latest update bringing new exploit mitigation features, cloud scanning-based threat lookups and enhancements specifically improving ransomware removal capabilities.

Secondary Protection Role

The software best serves as an add-on utility complementing primary antivirus shields, not a complete replacement solution. Its specialty lies assessing suspicious payloads using evasion-aware techniques that standard engines may miss during first passes.

Windows Security Software Types

Traditional antivirus offers persistent real-time protection while anti-malware removal tools conduct deeper forensic scans uncovering stealthy threats, both proving essential for layered security.

Behavior-Aware Detection

Beyond signature matching, HitmanPro also flags threats by noting unusual modifications to sensitive operating system areas common in malicious infections, stopping even unidentified payloads.

Isolating Live Infections

Non-resident deployment uniquely empowers HitmanPro stopping advanced ransomware or rootkits executing cleanup and decryption unimpeded, unlike persistent tools sometimes rendered ineffective by attacker countermeasures.

User Interface

A streamlined dashboard lists ongoing background status alerts, completed scans and one-click options initiating quick or custom sweeps across disks, folders or boot records seeking traces of malware activity.

HitmanPro carves an essential niche purging systems of evasive infections undeterred by active countermeasures like code hooks, fileless attacks or self-protection measures aimed at disabling standard antivirus agents. Deploy it alongside real-time protection for locking down endpoints against malware threats both commonplace and exotic.