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8×8 VS Nextiva


Selecting the right business phone system constitutes an essential step for small to midsize companies aiming to project professionalism boosting customer engagement. Evaluating leading VoIP platforms like 8×8 and Nextiva on critical pillars around features, pricing, support and security informs smart investments matching organizational needs and growth trajectories. This guide contrasts these top providers across key categories simplifying decision making.


8×8 and Nextiva furnish extensive communications feature sets spanning core IP telephony, call routing functionality to integrated HD video meetings and cloud contact center solutions.

For core phone capabilities, both systems enable unlimited calling, auto attendants, advanced call forwarding tools, and global number provisioning. Nextiva edges ahead with unlimited US SMS bundled by default unlike metered allocations on 8×8.

However, Nextiva pulls ahead for companies prioritizing omni-channel contact center capabilities and unified communications. All tiers embed customer engagement tools like shared inbox, chat widgets, advanced IVRs and visual dashboard analytics suited for sales teams. CRM integrations are also more extensive.

Conversely, 8×8 leads for international organizations through built-in global toll-free numbers and endpoint firmware optimization for sites lacking reliable connectivity. But Nextiva offers better native video meeting utilities including webinars hosting up to 1000 attendees.


Nextiva and 8×8 pricing reflect industry-wide shifts towards value-based consumption freeing SMBs from complex user licenses. Entry-level Nextiva packages start from $18.95 per month per user anchored by reliable support access. 8×8 equivalent plans retail slightly cheaper at $14 bringing affordability at smaller scales with margin add-ons.

However, mid-market buyers enjoy greater long-term value from Nextiva’s transparent enterprise pricing model tallying access fees, device rental and unlimited domestic calling in a single quote as functionalities scale up. Nextiva also bundles more minutes for the money on toll-free calling plans vital for professionalism.

Conversely, 8×8 niche options like global toll-free numbers and specialized phones for conference rooms attract specific needs. But Nextiva’s all-inclusive pricing helps avoid surprise hikes as emerging needs trigger add-on fees pricier on 8×8 detracting from forecasting clarity.

Pros and Cons

8×8 Advantages

  • Affordable entry-level plans
  • Natively supports global customers
  • Integrates with popular business apps

8×8 Drawbacks

  • Metered SMS quotas and calling minutes
  • Support reliability concerns for larger clients
  • Transparent enterprise pricing

Nextiva Advantages

  • Simplified value pricing
  • Bundles unlimited calling and SMS
  • Exceptional uptime and support ratings

Nextiva Drawbacks

  • Potential complexity scaling all-in-one suite
  • CRM requires separate purchase

Customer Support

Strong customer support constitutes a vital selection criterion ensuring productive use. Reviews praise Nextiva’s 24/7 live phone and chat support responsiveness from technically adept reps resolving issues. Users highlight ticket resolution within 30 minutes even during peak volume.

By comparison, 8×8 relies on extensive self-help resources and community forums for initial troubleshooting. But delays assistance tickets and lackluster communication tapering large account onboarding underscore areas needing improvement.

So for Users wanting concierge-style managed services partnership across onboarding, configuration and troubleshooting processes, Nextiva delivers excellence worthwhile for complex deployments.


Both platforms implement robust security protections safeguarding sensitive call data and recordings including PBX encryption, TLS and SRTP protocols. As cloud-native VoIP solutions, infrastructure configurations and patching resides with the vendors, relieving IT administrative burdens monitoring emerging threats.

However, Nextiva does offer two-factor authentication (2FA) for added login protection alongside single sign-on (SSO) integration with major identity providers like Okta securing access. Nextiva also oversees routine external security audits to responsibly discover vulnerabilities before incidents.

So users dealing with compliance standards or handling financial/medical call content retain peace of mind through Nextiva’s airtight security stance.


In closing, while 8×8 and Nextiva both furnish excellent VoIP phone solutions for SMBs, Nextiva pulls ahead based on transparent flat-rate pricing, exceptional reliability statistics, bundled unlimited calling/SMS and stellar support experiences cementing virtues as a premium provider. But 8×8 remains appealing for budget-limited starter plans. Carefully weigh priorities around scale, customer support, and configurability when selecting systems to maximize value protecting communications infrastructure enabling lasting customer connections.