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1. Introduction to VoipStunt

VoipStunt is a Voice over IP (VoIP) service that provides free calling between VoipStunt users over the internet. The service is powered by Finarea SA, a Swiss-based telecommunications provider.

Brief overview of VoipStunt and its services

VoipStunt allows registered users to make free VoIP calls to other VoipStunt users worldwide. Calls are made using VoIP technology that sends voice conversations digitally over the internet.

Key features offered by VoipStunt are:

  • Free calls between VoipStunt members over the internet
  • Softphone apps for making VoIP calls directly from PCs and laptops
  • Compatibility with most SIP clients and IP phones for hardware VoIP calling
  • Instant messaging and presence capabilities

Mention its association with Finarea SA

VoipStunt is owned and operated by Finarea SA, which is a Switzerland-based telecommunications provider focusing on international VoIP services. Finarea operates the network infrastructure and services powering VoipStunt’s offerings.

2. VoipStunt Features

Free calling services to online friends

The main feature of VoipStunt is free VoIP calling between registered members. Users can add friends and family to their contact list to call them for free over the internet using VoipStunt.

It essentially provides unlimited free calling minutes between VoipStunt users worldwide.

Compatibility with softphone and standard SIP clients

In addition to its own softphone apps for Windows and Mac, VoipStunt is compatible with most standard SIP clients and VoIP devices that support the SIP protocol.

This allows using VoipStunt with IP desk phones, VoIP adapters, SIP apps on smartphones and more.

Supported codecs and protocols

VoipStunt supports common voice and video codecs like G.711, G.722, G.729 for audio calls in HD quality. For video calls, it supports H.264 codec.

For call signaling, it uses SIP and IAX protocols for establishing media sessions between devices.

3. VoipStunt for Windows

Details about the VoipStunt application for Windows

VoipStunt offers a dedicated softphone application for Windows PCs that allows making VoIP calls directly from within the app.

Key features of the Windows softphone are:

  • User-friendly interface for easy calling
  • Contacts list synchronization
  • Call management features like mute, hold and transfer
  • Instant messaging capabilities
  • Presence indicator to see who’s available

Basic information for users intending to use the Windows app

The VoipStunt Windows softphone provides an easy way for users to get started with VoIP calling through the app. It can be downloaded and installed quickly on Windows PCs. Users simply need to create a VoipStunt account online, add their contacts, and start making calls via the app.

4. Download and Installation

Steps to download and install VoipStunt on various platforms


  • Go to and click on the Download button
  • Choose the Windows softphone installer option
  • Run the downloaded setup file and follow the installation wizard


  • Go to and click on Mac softphone download
  • Open the .dmg file and drag the VoipStunt app to Applications
  • Launch VoipStunt from the Apps folder


  • For Android and iOS, search for “VoipStunt” in the respective app stores
  • Download and install the VoipStunt app
  • Alternatively, use Zoiper or other SIP client apps

System requirements for the application

VoipStunt requires the following minimum system configuration:

  • Windows 7 or higher / MacOS 10.9 or higher
  • At least 2 GB RAM
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Microphone and speaker for audio calls
  • Webcam for video calling (optional)

It works on both desktops and laptops running the required OS version.

5. VoipStunt Comparison

Comparison with other VoIP services like Skype

Compared to Skype, the key difference is that VoipStunt provides completely free and unlimited VoIP calling between its members. Skype charges even for calls between Skype users after a certain limit.

VoipStunt also uses open SIP standards instead of a proprietary protocol like Skype. This allows compatibility with a wider range of VoIP software and hardware clients.

Highlighting the differences and unique features of VoipStunt

Some of the differences and unique aspects of VoipStunt are:

  • Truly unlimited free calling within the VoipStunt network
  • Open SIP standards compared to proprietary protocols like Skype
  • Ability to use standard SIP devices and apps instead of vendor locked-in software
  • Supports video calls in addition to audio
  • Group chat capabilities for conferencing
  • BYOD model – can be used with own SIP phones without purchasing proprietary hardware

6. Configuration and Setup

Guidelines for setting up VoipStunt on different devices

Windows PC

  • Download and install the VoipStunt Windows app
  • Launch the app and enter your VoipStunt credentials
  • The app automatically detects audio/video devices
  • Add your contacts in the app and start calling

IP Phones

  • Create a VoipStunt account if you don’t already have one
  • Obtain your VoipStunt SIP credentials from account settings
  • Configure the SIP account settings on your IP phone using the above credentials
  • Reboot the phone and register your account
  • Add contacts and make calls


  • Install the VoipStunt app from the app store
  • Launch the app, enter your credentials and allow requested permissions
  • The app will detect mic/camera automatically
  • Place calls to other users from within the app

Specific setup instructions for Grandstream HT801 and routers

Grandstream HT801

  • Access the web UI at http://ip-address
  • Go to Accounts > SIP Account > General Settings
  • Configure values for SIP Server, SIP User ID, Authenticate ID, Password
  • Click Apply to save settings
  • The phone will now register to VoipStunt

VoIP Routers

  • Access the router admin interface, go to the VoIP or SIP section
  • Enter your VoipStunt credentials into the SIP account fields
  • Set transport protocol to UDP/5060
  • Click Apply and the adapter will register with VoipStunt
  • Connect analog phones to the router to use VoipStunt

7. User Tips and Routing

User tips and important information for using VoipStunt

  • Always make sure you are running the latest app version for maximum stability
  • For reliable call quality, use headsets instead of speakers and mic
  • When traveling, connect only to known good WiFi networks for best performance
  • Disable battery optimizations for VoipStunt app in mobile device system settings
  • Use a UPS for desktop VoIP devices to avoid call drops during power outages

Routing tips from various users for VoipStunt

  • Enabling QoS on your router and giving high priority to VoIP/SIP traffic improves call quality
  • Port forwarding UDP 5060 on your router to your VoipStunt device can resolve one-way audio issues
  • For desktop devices, use a wired Ethernet connection rather than WiFi whenever possible
  • Disable any VoipStunt battery optimization settings on mobile devices for reliable background running
  • Reduce concurrent internet usage from apps and devices to allocate more bandwidth for VoipStunt

8. Conclusion

Summary of the key points discussed

  • VoipStunt provides unlimited free VoIP calling between its registered users
  • It offers Windows and Mac softphone clients along with support for SIP hardphones
  • Easy to configure and set up on desktops, mobiles and SIP devices
  • Provides modern VoIP features like HD audio/video calling
  • Interoperable with hardware and software supporting open SIP standards

Closing remarks about the benefits of using VoipStunt

For people who make frequent international or long distance calls, VoipStunt provides an unparalleled free alternative. Businesses with global teams can use VoipStunt to enable free communication between employees worldwide. VoipStunt epitomizes the power and cost savings inherent in VoIP technology for making unlimited free calls.