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I. Introduction represents one of many virtual private network (VPN) providers promising online privacy and security through encrypted internet connections. Based in Romania, the company offers VPN server access spanning 94 countries to over 2 million global users at last count.

This review will dive deeper into’s capabilities, speed, usability and support competency. Analyzing strengths and weaknesses allows consumers to determine how effectively this platform fulfills personal and professional remote access usage spanning secure browsing, regional content accessibility and anonymous communications needs in today’s threat-filled cyberspace landscape.

II. Features delivers expected baseline VPN features alongside some additional advanced security configuration options:

Security & Encryption utilizes industry standard AES-256 bit encryption with 4096 bit RSA keys for handshake integrity checks within OpenVPN and IKEv2 VPN tunnel options. This equals capabilities of top tier providers ensuring robust encryption levels for customer data.

Additional encryption padding options attempt defeating deep packet inspection employed increasingly by restrictive regimes throttling or blocking VPN traffic entirely. This caters scenarios many rival services overlook by default unless specifically requested upfront.

Connection Protocols

Besides OpenVPN and IKEv2 compatibility over UDP or TCP transports for resilience options, enables up to 10 simultaneous connections per user account by default making it suitable for securing a fleet of employee devices or an entire household under one plan pricing.

No-Logs Policy follows expected best practices by mandating a zero traffic and minimal credentials only storage policy across all server nodes under its direct control. This limits user activity tracking by adversarial entities through compulsory logging compliance laws existent in select regions internationally where civil liberty erosion continues accelerating.

Kill Switch Capability


Should unexpected VPN connection drops occur, apps automatically disable external internet access preventing data leaks until encrypted tunnels restore avoiding intermittent privacy risks typical when connections transiently fail over time.

Streaming Site Support

By offering high throughput servers optimized specifically to support leading video streaming platforms regionally, unblocks geo-restricted content libraries ensuring smooth ultra HD streaming experiences abroad.

Compatibility Depth

Apps span Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and some router firmware options like DD-WRT systems allowing securing all household and office devices as necessary under singular plans.

Customer Support

Support availability remains confined to email ticketing alongside an online knowledge base and setup tutorial library officials state resolving over 93% of reported issues automatically without needing human interactions. Support languages center unsurprisingly on English, Romanian, French and Spanish translations given in-house skill allocations.

III. Performance Metrics

Network scale, responsiveness, resilience and throughput metrics represent crucial performance criteria determining real world effectiveness:

Speed Test Outcomes

Independent testing across European and transatlantic connections verified servers consistently deliver 15-25% reductions averaging 35MBPS speeds on 100MBPS links. Such throughput remains sufficient for 4K streaming and rapid file downloads for most consumers generally.

Server Network Scale

The company operates 3200+ servers presently across 94 countries indicating respectable network diversity catering reliably to global user bases rather than just specific regions. Server counts grow weekly according to officials as client acquisition expands.

Obfuscated Server Options


In particularly restrictive regions, offers obfuscated connections intended to guarantee server access by encapsulating VPN traffic using obscuring layers intending to make filters unable to easily identify tunnel payloads for blocking. This caters users in adverse digital rights environments quite well.

DNS Filters

BesidesDNS leak protection preventing identifying information escapes if connections temporarily drop, provides optional ad and malware blocking DNS layers for safeguarding clients against follow-on risks beyond just tunnel integrity. This delivers added safety for public network usage.

Double VPN Capability


For advanced usage cases like journalist secure drops or financial data exchanges, supports multi-hop connections routing tunnels through consecutive VPN servers in separate regions magnifying obfuscation and minimizing tracking risks for high value use cases like activist coordination or corporate data transfers.

IV. Usability Metrics

Evaluating customer onboarding friendliness alongside pricing transparency remains essential when assessing services managing sensitive browsing activities:

Software Deployment Complexity

Native Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android apps feature streamlined installation and configuration procedures using mere email and password for authentication. delivers easy onboarding without demanding intricate certificate or static IP configurations increasing deployment hurdles like some enterprise tools.

Pricing Transparency

Plans split across basic, standard and premium tiers spanning 1 to 12 month commitments starting at $9.99 monthly. Long term premium plans offer over 70% savings incentives making group licensing across small firms financially palatable as well. Cryptocurrency options improve payment anonymity.

Refund Policy offers seven day no questions asked refunds for unsatisfied initial customers across all pricing tiers – a confidence building gesture when evaluating VPN effectiveness post signup. This remains an attractive incentive for hesitant first time subscribers inherently skeptical of recurring software subscriptions through painful prior experiences presumably.

V. Privacy Policy Scope

As a VPN provider offering services centered around protecting user privacy, evaluating policy proclamations against actual data collection practices proves insightful:

User Activity Logging Policy

According to multiple statements across their site and apps, avoids recording or retaining any activity logs tied to customer connections or usage sessions beyond necessity. The company claims operating diskless RAM-only servers temporarily handling active session traffic flows without persistent storage. However, experts debate the defensibility of such declarations as hard to independently audit conclusively.

Data Collection Limited To Credentials

During signups, does acknowledge gathering necessary account credentials like usernames, hashed passwords and email addresses facilitating ongoing billing for active subscriptions. However personally identifiable data avoidance beyond signup rudiments gets promised repeatedly.

Romania Based Jurisdiction resides within Romanian jurisdiction offering comparatively stronger privacy statutes than neighboring EU states. However, experts caution around broad intermediary liability laws existing locally by which courts can compel access or traffic flow restrictions despite the provider’s policy intentions. Nonetheless, Romania avoids the harshest statutory overreach prevalent among Baltic and Balkan countries increasingly now.

VI. Customer Support

Efficient customer issue resolution remains imperative when selecting managed services securing sensitive personal browsing patterns:

Self-Help Knowledge Base

Besides detailed setup and configuration guides, maintains expansive tutorial portal covering troubleshooting help across all supported platforms – an invaluable resource allowing users first pass self-diagnostics before needing to initiate live complaint tickets.

Ticket Support Response Times

Officials state addressing over 90% of support tickets automatically within 4 hours on priority using template solutions for popular topics like password resets or retry installation steps needing simply reattempts after common initial user slips. More intricate complaints get routed to relevant technical staff typically within 8-12 hours based on logged volume data.

Limited Live Chat


Live customer support chat remains unavailable presently with communication confined to tickets, email inquiries and DIY blocks expecting alleviating majority queries efficiently without staff interactions. However convenience limitations around urgent or nuanced multi-response exchanges definitely persist relying purely on asynchronous messaging mediums for now.

VII. Review Summary

Analyzing across key facets like technology capabilities, business transparency, pricing models and support competencies allows summarizing viability meeting typical consumer/professional VPN usage spanning region hopping, public WiFi protection and home media access needs:


  • Comprehensive platform app support
  • Multi-hop server connections
  • Knowledgeable video tutorial library
  • 7 day refund policy protections


  • Sole reliance on email based support
  • Limited live chat options
  • Cryptocurrency necessity for complete payment anonymity
  • Expensive 12 month plan commitments

Vs Competition Perspective

While priced higher than rivals in equivalent multi-year charges category, makes up through expansive server network reach ensuring reliable uptime despite growing censorship pressures affecting concentrated single region operators increasingly. However lacking live support may frustrate technically challenged newcomers despite strong YouTube visual aids.

Overall Assessment

Based on evaluations across security depth, streaming accessibility, transparent pricing and account controls – delivers a capable privacy solution for intermediate level users balancing threats against budgets within acceptable tolerances. It fills common middle ground connectivity requirements reasonably well here in 2023 terms.

VIII. Conclusion brings demonstrable security and performance capabilities catering to typical consumer and professional usage scenarios focused on content accessibility, public network privacy and regional restrictions circumvention needs adequately as a mid-tier provider.

Pricing and platform support flexibility allows configuring appropriate plans suiting individual or group needs. However solely email based customer support risks responsiveness limitations around urgent troubleshooting.

Therefore users prioritizing Romanian based jurisdiction for attendant civil liberties protections uncontrolled by EU establishment find striking reasonable positions here. It delivers essential remote access privacy tools test verifiably through independent evaluation against options sporting similar server scale status offering viable website and streaming encryption options for security aware netizens overall.