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To operate a successful call center, agents and managers need to be mindful of each other. The most important thing
SIP is a communication protocol intended for use with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and SIP-based software. It is designed
What Are SIP Trunks? SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and, put simply, allows users to easily make and receive
When seeking support for simple issues, no one likes to wait to speak with agents for long periods of time.
Do you need to save money on your phone bills? Do you want more features and flexibility with your phone
With VoIP systems being the leader for most businesses and even some households, companies are making the beneficial switch. In
Businesses need to start stepping up with growing demands of customers, and having technology that can facilitate this growth in
After a home or business installs VoIP software, performing a VoIP test will be beneficial in many ways. This type
In order to calculate the most accurate costs for outsourcing, you will have to determine which type of call center
Those that say managing a call center is easy, are wrong. This job is by no means an easy job