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How to Get a New Zealand IP Address Abroad With a VPN?


Having a New Zealand IP address opens access to internet content specifically geared towards Kiwi users while traveling or living overseas. Since websites determine your location based on your device’s IP address, masking it with a New Zealand IP allows bypassing geo-restrictions to access services you otherwise couldn’t from abroad locations.

The easiest way to securely get a IP address from another country is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs assign you a new IP based out of their international server network, letting you digitally relocate on demand virtually. As interest grows globally around New Zealand culture, landscapes and entertainment, using a VPN while overseas remains the top method for still viewing exclusive local content.


Step-By-Step Guide on How to Get a New Zealand IP Address Abroad with a VPN

Following these straightforward steps will connect you through a New Zealand-based IP using a VPN:

1. Choose a Reliable VPN Provider Offering New Zealand Server Locations

The quality of your experience hinges on the capabilities of the VPN service you select. Consider features like:

  • Number of high-speed New Zealand servers available
  • Unlocks top NZ streaming sites like TVNZ, NEON, Sky Go
  • Strict no-logs privacy policy to prevent tracking
  • Allows torrenting/P2P filesharing
  • Works reliably in China and past firewalls

Top tier recommendations specific for NZ access include ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN and Private Internet Access VPN.

Once registered with your chosen provider, install & login to their VPN app that manages connections.

2. Download and Install The VPN Software Onto Your Device

VPN providers offer native apps for all operating systems and mobile/desktop platforms so you can secure every type of device:

  • Windows – Download installer from VPN site to configure their VPN client
  • Mac – Drag provider’s Mac app into Applications folder
  • IOS – Find VPN app on Apple App Store
  • Android – Get VPN app from Google Play Store
  • Linux – Follow provider’s Linux installation instructions

Some also have router firmware or browser extensions to cover other connection scenarios seamlessly.

3. Launch The VPN App and Connect Through an Available New Zealand Location

Opening the provider’s VPN app displays all international location options to route your traffic through – scroll and select an available New Zealand server. This could be a location like Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch depending on app.

The quick connect functionality built into most VPN services makes establishing a secured tunnel painless with a single click, activating newly configured local IP in seconds.

**4. Verify Your New Zealand IP Address Got Assigned Properly **

Confirming successful IP allocation completes the location change process through validating your updated virtual spot shows as originating inside New Zealand now:

  • Websites like clearly flag your country if set correctly
  • displays fresh locality details
  • Tools within VPN app signal NZ IP status

If still showing old region, try reconnecting or manually selecting another NZ server to reinitialize the VPN tunnel.

5. Enjoy Unrestricted Access Privileges Now Available With Your New Zealand IP Address

Now that your internet traffic is securely funneled through an IP address assigned from New Zealand, geo-blocks and regional access limits imposed on content normally unavailable internationally gets lifted – you have unlimited abilities to:

  • Stream shows on TVNZ, NEON and other libraries
  • Listen to New Zealand radio broadcasts
  • View NZ news & sports sources overseas
  • Shop online at nz retailers that restrict intl customers
  • Run internet searches via Google NZ
  • Access software, games and assets only for Kiwi users

Using a New Zealand-based IP via VPN now fools any website into thinking you are located locally, unlocking all location-exclusive features the country enjoys natively to expats abroad instantaneously!

Benefits of Using a VPN to Get a New Zealand IP Address Abroad

Beyond just letting you view your favorite shows from back home or listen to the AM morning talk radio you grew up on, leveraging a VPN for grabbing a New Zealand IP address overseas also unlocks key benefits:

Access Geo-Blocked New Zealand Content and Services

Websites and streaming platforms strictly limit much of their programming to just Kiwi-based viewers. But by masking your true foreign locality with a New Zealand IP from a VPN, geo-restrictions get bypassed.

You can watch:

  • Rugby on Sky Sport
  • NZ reality shows on TVNZ
  • Prime Minister press conferences
  • YouTube videos blocked elsewhere

And use NZ-only software or other internet services. VPN lifts regional barriers.

Enhanced Online Privacy and Security

All traffic routed through reputable VPN providers uses enterprise-grade encryption. This prevents cybercriminals on public Wi-Fi or malicious ISPs from intercepting sensitive data like passwords, emails, messages or financial details not secured adequately on plain unprotected connections.

Banking, shopping and browsing now gains an added layer of security against snooping or online anonymity risks.

Protection Against ISP Throttling and Monitoring

VPN tunnels all your internet activity making it impossible for internet providers to analyze usage habits or deliberately slow speeds through discriminant throttling practices.

Bypassing ISP oversight allows unfettered streaming, downloading and overall web experience without imposed limits.

Ability To Bypass Censorship and Internet Restrictions

VPN usage provides workarounds for government-mandated blocked websites, social media and communication apps in countries that censor access.

funneling through a server internationally means you can open unfiltered internet again. Useful particularly in China or Middle East regions that restrict freedoms online heavily.


Obtaining a genuine New Zealand-based IP address while overseas opens doors for effortless access of Kiwi geo-blocked content plus enhanced privacy protections. Connecting via VPNs supplies offshore users a secured tunnel encrypted against risks that reroutes your traffic through new IP addresses assigned from server banks located right inside NZ.

Top providers make getting setup straightforward across all devices with user-friendly apps. This allows expats, travelers and digital nomads abroad to maintain seamless connectivity with New Zealand’s vibrant localized internet circles.

Combining the networks of premium VPN services with cloud infrastructure directly inside countries worldwide facilitates unlocking geo-fenced platforms regardless of where someone physically resides. Beyond maintaining touchstones with NZ culture while remote, doing so through reputably managed networks ensures privacy.

Ultimately configuring your personal devices to handle internet traffic through leading VPN provider servers grants the flexibility to digitally transport back to New Zealand virtually anytime. Continuing engaging with unique local streaming, e-commerce and internet experiences from afar gets easier than ever blending smart routing technology with growing worldwide connectivity.