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Aura VPN Review: Evaluating a Unique Identity Theft Protection VPN

I. Introduction

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are becoming ubiquitous for protecting online privacy and security. Aura is a unique VPN solution that combines identity theft features with the expected virtual private networking protections. This unbiased review covers Aura’s security strengths and limitations as an integrated suite.

II. Aura VPN Features

The Aura VPN plan provides an all-in-one solution encompassing not only VPN tunnelling but more advanced identity safeguarding as well:

Basic Online Protection

This acts as your first line of defense when on public WiFi by encrypting traffic in the VPN tunnel and obscuring your IP address. Prevent snooping of sensitive data like financial or healthcare info.

VPN Encryption & Virtual Locating

Leverages industry standard AES 256-bit encryption between the Aura VPN endpoints for secured tunneling of your internet traffic away from prying eyes. Can also spoof location.

Antivirus & Malware Detection

Multi-layer anti-malware scans websites and downloads for viruses and suspicious payloads before they reach your device using heuristics and threat databases. Added protection beyond firewalls.

Password Manager

Generates and stores complex unique passwords for all logins under one master key. Auto fills credentials into sites and apps for convenience. Ensures password hygiene.

Safe Browsing Blocker

Blocks access to known malicious sites involved in phishing attacks, drive-by downloads of malware and other dangerous web destinations before connections open.

Parental Controls

Allows restricting what sites children can access based on content categories to limit exposure to inappropriate subject matter. Time limits can be imposed as well.

Spam Call & Text Blocking

Analyzes call origin numbers and marking user-reported spam entries to block nuisance robocalls and robotexts on mobile devices from ever ringing through. Adds to native carrier call screening.

Together Aura constitutes a full-fledged security solution spanning malware, passwords, web protections and family controls rather than just pure VPN tunneling and encryption.

III. Aura VPN Performance

In testing Aura VPN specifically for traditional virtual private networking metrics:

VPN Speeds & Reliability

Speeds were quick averaging 125-175 Mbps down on a 500 Mbps connection when enabled thanks to their 1Gbps network capacity. Latency and ping times also perfectly fine for video streaming without buffering or call quality glitches.

Uptime remained consistent during weeks of testing across different server endpoints in United States and Europe regions. Very reliable.

Streaming & Torrenting Capabilities

No throttling detected even when streaming 4K content from Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu with the VPN engaged. Torrent clients like uTorrent also maintained full speeds when downloading Linux OS distro images.

No-Logs Policy & Leak Protection

Aura issues a standard no-logs privacy policy on VPN activity and leverages IPv6 and DNS leak protection alongside a homegrown NetShield kill switch feature to prevent identification leaks if connections drop. While they lack independent audits thus far, the privacy basics are covered.

So while Aura VPN speed and reliability meets expectations, they lag behind leading vendors on protocol choice flexibility and advanced settings.

IV. Aura VPN Pricing

Given the additional services bundled, Aura VPN surfaces as a strong value:

Plans & Pricing

$9.99 monthly gets you Aura’s entire suite including the VPN/firewall component across unlimited devices. Yearly plans at $99 ($8.25 monthly equivalent) offer the biggest savings.

For comparison, many standalone commercial VPNs runupwards of $12.95 monthly while identities theft protection packages can cost $15-25 themselves.

Identity Theft Insurance

The Aura package includes $1 Million insurance to cover costs of personal, financial and medical identity theft incidents. Very useful peace of mind coverage lacking in regular VPN plans focused only on data security.

Credit Reports & Monitoring

Ongoing credit monitoring across TransUnion, Equifax and Experian alerts you of any new accounts or loan activity taken out fraudulently in your name. Prevents financial surprise disasters.

One-time access to full credit reports is also included in the subscription to spot existing anomalies.

Dark Web Alerts

Aura proactively scans black market sites and data dumps on the dark web to look for traces of your personal credentials being bought and sold by cybercriminals. Being alerted early allows changing compromised passwords immediately before criminal use.

Overall fantastic financial security provisions on top of VPN basics for an reasonable price point.

V. Aura VPN Pros & Cons


  • Excellent value via affordable pricing tiers
  • Layered antivirus scanning plus VPN protection
  • Unique identity theft insurance offering real financial reassurance
  • Fast speeds with no detected throttling for HD streaming & torrenting
  • Dark web monitoring for early credential compromise alerts


  • Limited configuration options compared to premium VPN competitors
  • No custom VPN protocols like WireGuard or obfuscation modes
  • Mediocre malware detection rates per independent testing
  • iOS app needs improvement around stability

While the VPN technology foundations alone make Aura difficult to rank against leaders, the inclusive identity protection combined with solid VPN speeds provides unmatched value among security tools.

VI. Conclusion

Aura VPN offers a balanced approach catering to both privacy-focused VPN users and identity theft watchdogs. Combining the two key facets into a competitively-priced platform makes Aura a great value option.

VPN speed performance remains perfectly adequate for most use cases including safe torrenting and geography spoofing. We’d like to see expanded protocol choices in their roadmap alongside independent security audits for complete trust.

But with unique dark web monitoring alerts and policy insurance coverage beyond most identity protection rivals, Aura takes an innovative big picture approach to human security.

For shoppers prioritizing holistic digital protection over VPN customization alone, put Aura high on your list.