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No matter what applications and services businesses use, making a phone call is the most important and the top of
Why predictive dialers are the best choice for your call center What is predictive dialing? You might have already heard
Luckily for most individuals that have the basic knowledge of VoIP phone systems, the differences between fixed and non-fixed VoIP
There are many different types of VoIP phones out there so it can be hard to know which will work
In today’s age of digital transformation, technology is rapidly evolving. Technology’s purpose is simple: to bring convenience to our lives.
A call center is a large investment for companies to work with and an even bigger investment for those that
As VoIP technology becomes more and more popular for most businesses big and small, many older features of traditional phone
Today we will answer your question on what is a SIP server. VoIP-based communication has become a popular trend with
For those that are unfamiliar, mobile VoIP is a low-cost way to communicate through your cell phone by utilizing the
If you are a gamer, or interested in joining the gaming community, then discord software from VoIP systems will be