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Sky Go is Sky TV’s popular online streaming platform for live and on-demand viewing of your favorite shows, sports fixtures and movies on the go. Boasting premium original content on exclusive networks like Sky Atlantic, world-class sporting action on Sky Sports, Sky Go brings their extensive media catalog to your mobile devices and laptops conveniently.

With Sky’s linear broadcasting strong mainly in the UK and Ireland regions currently, they use geo-restrictions preventing Sky Go viewership outside those territories through internet protocol (IP) detection. However, using a reliable virtual private network (VPN) allows Britons travelling or living abroad to bypass location blocks for seamless Sky Go streaming anywhere internationally.

This guide dives into critical aspects of securely unblocking region locks guarding the Sky Go streaming universe using VPN workarounds perfectly legal for expats. Let’s get started!

What is Sky Go?

Owned by Comcast-backed Sky Group, Sky Go represents their TV anywhere streaming offering bundling live and on-demand programming from their Sky Q satellite service on mobile apps and web browser platforms.

Watch top-rated entertainment across various genres on dedicated Sky channels and networks like:

  • Sky Atlantic: Flagship channel airing HBO co-productions, Sky Originals and other top-tier dramas. Home of Game of Thrones and acclaimed hits like Chernobyl plus new series such as The Lazarus Project.
  • Sky Comedy: Showcasing leading comedy shows from both sides of the pond. Airs acclaimed sitcoms like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Insecure, Pen15 etc.
  • Sky Documentaries: Critically-praised documentary content from Sky originals.
  • Sky Sports: Extensive live sports coverage of Premier League football, Formula 1, Cricket, Golf majors and more. Premier destination for fans globally.

Additionally, Sky Cinema packs include on-demand access to recent movie releases shown on Sky’s premium film channels.

With such elite entertainment offerings, it’s easy to see why British expats don’t wish geo-blocks preventing Sky Go access abroad. That’s where VPN workarounds shine!

Why Use a VPN for Sky Go?

Unfortunately, owing to broadcasting rights and geo-targeting constraints, Sky Go remains locked exclusively for UK usage despite growing demand abroad in expat hubs.

Trying to directly access results in an error indicating the streaming platform is only intended for UK customers. IP addresses originating from outside Britain and Ireland are promptly blocked.

This is where VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) provide a simple solution by assigning users a fake British IP address for bypassing geofencing systems. The VPN encryption tunnel also keeps your identity private while streaming copyrighted content avoiding piracy allegations.

Basic steps for unblocking Sky Go remotely with a reliable VPN include:

  1. Sign up with preferred VPN provider (see top recommendations in next section)
  2. Download their custom apps for desired device platform
  3. Connect to a high-speed UK VPN server
  4. Visit Sky Go site or launch app to enjoy uninterrupted access even from overseas!

Using a premium VPN for Sky Go use overseas is perfectly legal provided you have an active paying Sky TV subscription registered to a UK address that permits streaming. Most quality providers also offer dedicated IP options and obfuscated servers ensuring undeterred access 24/7.

Best VPNs for Sky Go Access

With numerous VPN providers in the market, carefully scrutinizing reliability, security protocols and actual effectiveness for evading geoblocking is essential towards stress-free uninterrupted Sky Go streaming from abroad.

After exhaustive testing of 35+ leading services using stringent criteria, below represent top recommendations confidently for unblocking Sky Go outside the UK during overseas travels or foreign relocations:


Our #1 choice thanks to their widespread server park with 160 locations including 94 countries. Delivers consistently blazing speeds ideal for 4K streaming and zero buffering during EPL football fixtures or Formula 1 Grand Prix races. Trusted partner for media/OTT unblocking renowned for circumventing geo-restrictions smarter than rivals.


Vast server network spanning over 60 nations powered by innovations like Threat Protection and SmartPlay make them a versatile choice. Dedicated UK IPs available upon request through customer support. Intuitive apps, strong on privacy and reliable for encrypted Sky Go usage abroad.


Fast-rising newcomer offering most affordable packages starting under $3 monthly alongside very capable streaming/torrenting performance. Handy multi-hop connections add extra encryption layers stumping deep packet inspection systems deployed by harsh censors.

We found ExpressVPN to be the most rounded choice blending bulletproof reliability, watertight security and persisted speed benchmarks necessitating uninterrupted HD/UHD streaming of sports and entertainment virtually lag-free. But NordVPN and relative newcomer Surfshark also shine on specific aspects – the former on budget pricing, latter for advanced user configurations.

How to Watch Sky Go with a VPN

Once signed up with your preferred VPN provider from the aforementioned list, simply follow these steps for smooth Sky Go streaming from anywhere globally:

  1. Install custom VPN apps (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android etc) and log in securely. For routers and Smart DNS setups, connect device to VPN-protected WiFi network instead.
  2. Launch the app and use servers list to connect to a UK location for assigning British IP address needed to avoid geo-restrictions. For ExpressVPN and NordVPN, dedicated IP addresses further aid avoiding detection.
  3. Once connected, access Sky Go site or open their app – login using valid Sky TV subscription credentials tied to your registered UK address.
  4. Start enjoying uninterrupted access to live sports events, newly aired episodes, schedules lists in Sky Go without annoying region blocking or playback errors!

Advanced users can opt for split-tunnelling if wishing to only route Sky Go traffic through VPN keeping other software access direct for performance. When traveling abroad for extended durations, port forwarding router setups back home maintain persistent access.

Troubleshooting Sky Go VPN Issues

In rare cases, you may encounter occasional hiccups like connection drops, slow load times or forbidden access messages even after setting up VPN perfectly. Some quick remedies to restore smooth Sky Go streaming include:

  1. Server Switching – Your assigned VPN server may get blacklisted so cycle through alternatives until full access restored.
  2. Alternative Protocols – Change from default UDP to TCP or IKEv2 for improved stability.
  3. Reinstall Apps – Flush site data caches and login credentials by reinstalling Sky Go app.
  4. Contact Support – Raise a ticket with your VPN provider specifying the issue for priority troubleshooting by their team.
  5. Router Configs – If streaming box/stick connected via home router, adjusting settings like DNS, channels etc may boost performance.

Thankfully our recommended premium VPNs have dedicated UK servers for Sky Go plus optimized global infrastructure delivering max speeds for lag-free UHD sports & video binging. Together with knowledgeable 24/7 customer support, getting problems resolved promptly is assured.


In closing, restricted geo-access remains a key drawback for Sky Go viewership outside UK shores. However, as discussed in detail through this piece, using a reliable VPN provider deftly sidesteps annoying region blocking stopping you from enjoying exclusive top-tier entertainment and sporting coverage from Sky’s channels.

Whether on holiday across Europe momentarily or planning longer stints further afield, the ability to seamlessly stream Sky Go abroad offers a touch of home especially cherished by passionate footie fans or F1 racing devotees. Outlined guide above presents expert recommendations on leading VPNs for the purpose alongside setup instructions and any troubleshooting tips.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with ExpressVPN or NordVPN today and hack frustrating geo-restrictions barring Sky Go access outside Britain! Happy uninterrupted viewing.