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The Leader in Enterprise-Grade Cloud Storage

Nirvanix offers a fully-managed cloud storage service designed from the ground up for the enterprise. As business data continues its relentless growth, building complex, tiered storage architectures is no longer practical. Nearline storage is not cost-effective for burgeoning file archives, and tape storage cannot satisfy compliance demands for rapid data access. To meet the challenges of distributed content & collaboration, backup and archival, enterprises require a purpose-built cloud storage solution with standards-based access, robust security, and uncompromised availability. This is what the Nirvanix CloudComplete™ portfolio provides.

Nirvanix’s enterprise-grade cloud storage solutions – available as public, hybrid or private cloud deployments – are second generation, battle-hardened business services being accessed by over 1,200 companies worldwide, from the world’s largest film studios to leading healthcare providers to global financial institutions and the foremost innovators in the IT space. Don’t trust your data to companies who operate a cloud storage business as an afterthought or a side business or to companies who are still stuck in beta mode. When you think cloud storage for your enterprise-class, business-critical data, think Nirvanix – specifically architected for extremes of reliability, scalability, redundancy and availability of your data in the cloud.

  • Public Cloud Storage. Public Cloud Storage is a fully-managed global service designed from the ground up specifically architected for organizations with expectations of extreme security, reliability, scalability, redundancy and availability levels.
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage. Hybrid cloud storage as a service combining the scalability, ease of management and compelling economics of public cloud storage with the security and control of private cloud storage – all in a complete, fully managed solution.
  • Private Cloud Storage. Private Cloud Storage is designed to enable your organization to comply with the most stringent corporate or legal data retention policies by storing data within your own facility, fully managed as a service.
  • Nirvanix Cloud Sideloader. If your cloud storage provider is not meeting your contracted SLAs or not living up to your service expectations, use Nirvanix Cloud Sideloader™ to easily migrate your files directly from other cloud providers directly to any of the seven globally distributed data centers on the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network.
  • Nirvanix Management Portal. Web-based management offering immediate insight and control over Nirvanix account usage.
  • CloudNAS® / Web Services API. Choose from immediate access via the standards-based application, CloudNAS®, or develop to a robust API.
  • Integrated Services. Integrated functionality and server-side processes enable customizing the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network to meet your requirements and expedite your time to market.
  • Solutions Services. Solutions consultants and architects that will show you how cloud storage can supplement your existing infrastructure and extend the life of your current assets while reducing your storage costs.
  • Enterprise Support. Dedicated, knowledgeable support staff that you can reach 24×7.

Cloud Storage Solutions for the Enterprise

Exponential growth of unstructured data, increasing business expectations and tightening budgets are forcing IT staff to make tough choices in managing and storing data. New approaches and technologies like virtualization and de-duplication are helping, but are also leading to increased complexity in the data center. Nirvanix offers a unique combination of technology and solutions services to address your toughest storage challenges and the unique storage needs of your industry.

Business Need

  • Backup and Archiving Software. Access Nirvanix from popular business backup and archiving software applications.
  • Offsite Data Protection. Ensure the safety and compliance of your data and gain peace of mind.
  • Tier N Storage. Optimize storage SLAs, while reducing complexity and cost.
  • Distributed Content and Collaboration. Enhance collaboration and enable enterprise data use globally.
  • Embedded Storage. Flexibly scale storage capacity for your website or application without up front capital commitments.
  • VMware Environments. Cost-effective protection for your VMware-virtualized applications.


  • Media & Entertainment. Store, protect and leverage your digital assets.
  • Financial Services. Store financial information cost-effectively while supporting compliance and collaboration.
  • Life Sciences. Secure, scalable storage that supports research and discovery.
  • Service Providers. Reduce churn, increase service offerings and add new revenue streams.
  • Healthcare. Efficiently store, secure & distribute electronic medical records.