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It’s without a doubt that VoIP services and systems are taking over the telecommunications market, and each month this number is increased. VoIP providers are looking at all the ways they can make money from their services that they provide businesses. Many companies offer complete business services and equipment, which businesses can then utilize to provide their own VoIP services from.

What is a Wholesale VoIP Seller?

Service providers are trying to deliver all VoIp services to the most customers possible, and becoming a VoIP reseller is a great way to do so. Wholesalers may sell VoIP services to other providers and even other businesses. Reselling this technology is becoming very popular for those that wish to make some extra money off the systems their businesses have.

If you are a business with a well established customer base, then you are a perfect candidate for reselling VoIP services. For many companies, re-selling VoIP services will provide a sweet spot between profit margin and market control. Of course, this decision to become a wholesaler shouldn’t be taken lightly, however, there are many benefits to making this decision. 

Wholesale VoIP is an important part of international communications between businesses and can be provided by original providers or third-party sellers. Today many companies view VoIP solutions as very attractive options for their businesses or households, because of all functions taking place through the internet. As VoIP reselling has grown, carriers and businesses are seeking more innovative ways to generate revenue from these services.

Features of Wholesale VoIP Systems

VoIP service providers will design their wholesale service packages with a plethora of features. Some sellers will have standard packages, whereas others might cost a bit more for all the additional features needed. Most packages, even the most basic ones, will include these listed features. 

  1. Toll- free business numbers
  2. API, or application programming interfaces
  3. Ethernet options
  4. Faxing
  5. PBX hosting
  6. Calling Cards
  7. Short message services, or SMS services, along with text messaging capabilities.

6 Tips for Finding the Best Wholesale VoIP Provider

Every business must take phone calls, and VoIP systems for businesses are the less expensive option to chase form. Of course, choosing a provider isn’t as simple as it sounds, and there are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing a VoIP provider, or VoIP wholesaler.

  1. Keeping an Eye on Costs- For many businesses, costs will always be the number one deciding factor when choosing service providers. Just because VoIP services are sold by third-party providers doesn’t mean that these are less pricey than that of the original service providers. The cost will depend on what provider you choose and what services are offered. Some VoIP systems will cost more as well, depending on how many lines you are choosing to connect, so determining what your businesses needs are before choosing a provider will be beneficial in weeding out which ones you are choosing between.
  2. The Services Needed- Knowing what type of VoIP services your business needs is the second most important factor that should be decided before making a final choice. There are two types of VoIP systems that providers will offer businesses. The first type of service is most commonly used by customers and is called internet telephony. What this service is, is on-site phone connections that will be carried out through the internet. Sometimes, if businesses are too large, the second type will be used. This type offers several multi-site locations that are connected to a single line using installed equipment at the provider’s residence. Depending on what your business is looking for, providers will be able to tailor their services to fit any needs desired.
  3. Doing Service Comparisons- If your business is still unsure of what it wants, then looking at the bigger picture will help. It’s a good idea to compare services between providers before making a decision. There are three types of plans or packages that VoIP providers can offer. The first package, the basic package, offers standard features that cost around $40 per month. The amount of users will affect the cost as well, so making sure to ask all the details about this plan will be helpful. The second plan is a midrange plan that tends to be a bit more expensive. This plan contains all a basic service plan does but offers more options and features for users. The final plan, and most expensive plan, offering the highest level of features and services is the complex plan. This plan gives businesses the best features for a hefty price but is highly beneficial to larger and more established businesses.
  4. Watching Out for Common Problems- Issues will arise no matter what business or career you are in, but when it comes to connecting with customers, issues with your connectivity shouldn’t happen. By focusing on poor router quality, route rates, and hidden fees, you will be able to seamlessly use VoIP services. If your company has a router that isn’t ideal for what you are using it for, then upgrading will be imperative. Some VoIP providers will offer you routers that they use, and it will be in your best interest to accept them. For hidden charges, speaking with your provider will be able to clear up any billing issues that arise down the road when payment is due.
  5. Knowing the Features Your Business is Looking For- Of course knowing the features that your business is looking for is important, but knowing what your business doesnt want is also imperative. For example, if you use call routing more than video calling, then video calling might not be an important feature that your provider needs to provide. If you go into the search knowing what you want and what you don’t want, the playing field will be narrowed and your options will be easier to weed through.
  6. Watching Out for Fraud Providers- With all the different providers out there, there are many who seem legitimate, but might not be. VoIP is primarily based online, which can make it harder to pick out the frauds. It will be smart to choose providers from their official websites, making sure that they are well known. Live chatting with providers is a good way to judge whether the company is real or not, and will offer the services listed. Because most companies function solely online, their representatives will be working 24/7. If a company you contact isn’t getting back to you in a timely manner, it may be a red flag that their businesses aren’t as established as others.

Finding the Best Wholesale VoIP Provider

Finding the best provider won’t happen overnight, and your business will need to check into all in question. With that being said, it’s not impossible to find a reliable provider, but it will take some work. From all the different services that are offered, prices that are listed, and packages to choose from, your business will have all it needs to choose a reliable provider that will work best with its needs.