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What You Should Expect – VoIP Pricing (2021)

In general, the VoIP pricing will vary by features, provider, and even location. A hosted VoIP system will cost around $20-$40 a month depending on what services are requested. For small to medium-sized businesses, VoIP systems do work out to a better value than a traditional landline contract. Because of their flexibility, features, and low start-up cost, they are considerably cheaper to purchase, run, and maintain.

If your business is currently operating by a traditional phone system, then it will be in your best interest to gain the knowledge needed in order to make the switch to a more modern and all-encompassing system.


Generalized Prices for a VoIP System

The prices of VoIP phone systems will depend on a few factors. The size of the company seeking this type of system is a huge factor because most providers offer a bigger discount the more staff you have. If you don’t have any VoIP equipment already installed, this will increase the startup cost for this type of system. Features play a large role in cost as well, because some advanced features that are offered must be paid for monthly as well.

Different packages are offered as well, allowing businesses to choose what they wish. Along with the different packages that providers offer, the length of each contract plays a part in how much your services will be. Some providers might offer additional deals the longer you wish to use their services for, whereas the shorter the contract might boost the prices. A feature that some VoIP providers don’t include is the fee for international calls. If your business makes many calls outside its home country, then the cost will increase as well.

All in all, the low end of each VoIP package will start around $10-$15 and then rise from there. It’s important to note that even the most expensive package would average around $35, but only for cloud-based systems. If your business wishes to host its own equipment on-site, then monthly costs rise drastically to $500 and above.

What Does it Mean To Host Your VoIP System?

Even before choosing a VoIP provider, you and your business need to decide whether or not they wish to host their own system or not. Most VoIP providers will host each system for you so that it’s not an added worry, but other times, you may wish to host your own services on site.

Apart from the added maintenance costs, these types of onsite hosted systems cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000. By choosing this option, your company will become a full-time independent VoIP provider. From there, some businesses wish to also become VoIP resellers, and make money from other smaller companies that are looking to use VoIP systems.

VoIP Pricing: Subscription Levels

Most VoIP providers offer different tiers of packages depending on what your business is looking for. As expected, the more advanced features such as call recording, integration, and video conferencing, are rolled into more expensive packages, whereas the basic features are affordable for small and large businesses.

  1. Entry Level Subscriptions– This package offers unlimited VoIP calls, voicemail capabilities, mobile applications, and even needed customer support.
  2. Mid-level subscriptions- Along with all the basic features, this page includes fax options, auto attendants, and detailed service reports.
  3. Premium Level subscriptions- Both previous packages are included with this top subscription, along with advanced features. Autocall recording, voicemail transcription, integration, and large scale video conferencing that are offered in this package might stand out to larger businesses.

The Cost of VoIP Compatible Phones

If your business is going to make the change to a modern VoIP system package, the right hardware will be needed as well. Along with downloadable software, desk phones are usually required as well. A phone that is compatible with the premium level package, and those under it, starts at around $80. On each VoIP compatible phone, there are added features that will increase the price, making the choice entirely up to you.

For the most modern features, some VoIP phones include Bluetooth features that are optimal for some employees. If you chose a phone that doesn’t offer Bluetooth, a quality headset might be helpful. Some headphones designed for VoIP phones can cost anywhere from $40 or greater. If you are already making the investment into a VoIP phone system, it will be worth it to also get some ended accessories. Besides purchasing an additional VoIP compatible phone, there are no other added costs when making the switch.

Next Steps for Obtaining a VoIP Phone System

Moving over to a VoIP system is an excellent way for businesses to fulfill customer needs and modernize their efforts. For a low price, you can ditch all the bulky hardware and copper wires, and save money while increasing sales by making the switch to a VoIP phone system. With countless features offered, these advanced systems are the way to go for long-term progress and success.

If you wish to make the switch, getting in contact with trusted providers to speak about your next steps will be helpful and can make the adjustment easier. Taking the time to learn about all the features offered and packages that are being given will allow you to choose the best option for your company’s success.

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