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It’s no secret that in today’s digital world, high-quality internet connections are the most important aspect of most people’s lives. A business must have a strong connection in order to handle all the needed functions. This is where advanced systems such as VoIP routers come into play. It’s difficult to maintain a quality reputation with poor internet connections, making VoIP routers the best for the perfect combination of speed, security, and hardware compatibility.


What is a VoIP Router?

For those that are unfamiliar with this type of modern software, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. These VoIP devices are a hybrid networking device that is installed on the grounds of each business, providing advanced IP routing services combined with the stand voice functions. VoIP routers will provide the best service to businesses, along with implementing top communication systems. Each router will convert voice packets into data or analog voice signals that will travel to the other end of the line you are trying to connect with.

Your VoIP router should be able to provide your business with a stable and fast internet connection. For optimum call quality, it’s imperative that the end to end network bandwidth is acceptable to use all features that VoIP systems offer.

Advantages of VoIP Systems

Most businesses will benefit greatly from all that VoIP systems offer, but there are a few worth noting.

  1. Lower costs- Large or small, businesses won’t complain if money is saved. When looking at VoIP systems, saving some costs on communication systems will be a huge bonus. Some VoIP services only cost $20 a month and are loaded with countless features that most other phone lines don’t offer. These savings will come as direct cost savings or indirect cost savings. Some direct costs include the PBX costs, copper wiring charges, or calling expenses that the business will not need to invest in. Indirect costs that your business can save money on are the added costs of features, repurposed manpower, or remote working options.
  2. Increased accessibility- Putting the huge benefit of cost savings aside, accessibility is another huge benefit of VoIP routers and systems for businesses of all sizes. With these systems, employees can make calls from anywhere, as long as they have a stable internet connection. Remote work is becoming increasingly popular, and allowing your business to be flexible is very important. VoIP systems can adapt to how your employees work, and make improving your business efforts a breeze.
  3. Complete portability- Each number that a business gets with a VoIP router and system is completely portable. In short, you, your business, and your employees can use the same number in the long term. For those who travel a lot, or also work remotely, will be able to have a constant home base and mode of communication.
  4. Higher scalability- Scalability is defined as being able to be changed, which is exactly what VoIP systems will allow your business to do. Given the option, every business owner would love a modern communication system that will grow and mold to the direction it is headed. No matter what stage your business is in, each VoIP system is easily customizable and dedicated to the success of each business.
  5. Clearer voice quality- Sometimes on basic phone lines, calls will drop, words will be muffled, or communication won’t take place in real-time, which is a huge issue for businesses. VoIP systems work seamlessly as long as there’s a stable internet connection present. Every business that utilizes VoIP systems reports that there are no more jitters, latency, or poor call quality when using these phone systems.
  6. Increased security- Phone security is now a big deal for most individuals, and even more so, businesses. The demand for personally identifiable information has never been higher, and VoIP systems are able to mitigate most security threats. This means that each phone system includes inscription and identity protection for all users. Additionally, system updates are offered a lot when it comes to VoIP systems, and this will constantly ensure that your business isn’t at risk for new vulnerabilities.

What to Look for When Choosing a VoIP Router

After learning about all the benefits of making the switch to a VoIP router, businesses are able to choose quality service and router for this updated system. A router will provide all that is needed for your phone system to function properly, so choosing the right one is imperative.

  1. Cable company routers- Most businesses, large or small, will contact a trusted VoIP provider and have a router installed for all their communication needs. Unfortunately, most companies will provide businesses with the cheapest option of a router, which will cause the business small issues. If your business does use the services of an outside company, purchasing your own router and implementing the system through it, will be highly beneficial.
  2. House use routers- If you are a homeowner who wants to make use of a VoIP system within your home, then a router can be purchased from any technology retailer. Doing the needed research prior to stepping foot in the store is also beneficial, so you know the best router to look for, instead of listening to the sales associates.
  3. Double NATS- These types of routers will provide you or your business with a private IP address, which is then plugged into another router that provides the same services. Sometimes this comes as a problem to users because the routers won’t be able to determine where to send calls. This is why it’s important to speak with a trusted company, allowing them to program one of the routers into bridge mode, making it easy to direct all communications to one set location.

Moving Forward With VoIP Systems and VoIP Routers

With all the information this article provided, we hope that you and your business will feel secure in making the switch to VoIP systems. It’s important to work with IT professionals and providers that know what they are doing, so you will be getting the best option for your money. With all the benefits that VoIP systems bring to small and large businesses, you won’t want to waste more time before making the switch.