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VoIP Network Switching

n short, VoIP services move voice traffic from the traditional IP phone networks to the internet. Rather than having phone lines and internet routers, VoIP will combine them and make it easy for one system to function under both. Some VoIP phone systems can function with mobile devices or through previously owned desk phones.

There are two types of VoIP technologies, VoIP services, and VoIP systems. A VoIP system will include telephone capabilities and run through IP networks connected to the traditional copper lines. In this situation, the voice is traveling through the building and leaving with the IP networks. VoIP services are all those that are offered with purchasing a VoIP system. These services are more advanced than those of a traditional phone system and offer more functionally and reliability with less infrastructure. 

Why VoIP Might Be Your Best Option

There are plenty of reasons as to why businesses should switch networks to more advanced systems. For businesses that are using traditional services, the modern VoIP system will more often than not, cost much less. Of course, there are some providers that offer packages at a higher cost due to multiple factors, but most of the time these plans are usually cheaper for businesses. 

If your business is looking to replace their communication systems, the cheaper price is always the best option. Sometimes if you choose to bundle services and opt for the longer contract, the prices will be dropped even more as well. VoIP also brings businesses more capabilities and will allow you the option to connect all your needed devices to the same network.

How to Implement a VoIP System to Your Business

The main factor of integrating this updated technology into your existing phone services is preparation. In terms of system implementations, you will need to make sure all things are in place before moving forward. You will want to know all the features you wish to utilize well before integrating your systems, so that way the switching of networks is seamless.

Here are a few more additional things to keep in mind when switching networks. 

  1. Network bandwidth- Because VoIP systems work solely over the internet, a stable network connection is the most important thing. If you have a high speed broadband connection, the implementation process is easy. A bit of a tip for you is that most businesses who utilize VoIP systems only allow 80% of their networks to be used, which makes for the best quality calls. A congested network can result in poor quality phone calls.
  2. Wired Systems over Wifi- If your business has the option to connect VoIP services to an Ethernet connection, then it will be the most reliable. In order to avoid congested networks, investing in these separate routers with Ethernet capabilities will be the best bet for your new VoIP systems.
  3. Data Prioritization- Network conditions can’t be planned for, but keeping track of your data when switching networks is important. If you want the switch to be as easy as it possibly can be, then shifting files and documents prior to system implementation will make things easy moving forward.

Selecting a VoIP Provider To Switch To

Before upgrading your phone system, you will want to do the needed research into phone providers. Selecting a provider that offers you all the help you need and the services you are looking for is key. You will want to make sure the provider you choose is flexible and can service the needs of your customers and employees. It’s in your best interest not to choose the cheapest option, but rather look into different providers and then decide from there.

Some companies will also use a private branch exchange, or PBX, as part of your phone system. This type of tool will help you maximize the uses of your VoIP system, and offer better technology for your business to utilize. Most companies will give you the needed technology to get started with your system, which includes compatible VoIP phones, headsets, and routers.

Making the Switch to a VoIP Network

By understanding your company’s growth plan, and investing in high-speed broadband internet connections, your company will thrive with a VoIP phone system. By determining what equipment you need and what provider to choose, you will be getting the best option in terms of communication.