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Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP, is a special technology that replaces traditional telephone calls and instead, functions fully through the internet. With all the systems functions being utilized with an internet connection, international calling has never been easier. Depending on the VoIP phone system provider you use, calls can be made internationally through your computer of a VoIP phone.

Making international calls while using a VoIP network can be much cheaper than using traditional phone networks. Some providers offer international calling as an added feature, for as little as two centers per minute to certain countries.

How Does VoIP International Calling Work?

For most business owners, it’s a known fact that making international calls cost a pretty penny. Luckily, the biggest benefit of VoIP systems for international calling is the fact that it can save your business loads of money. There are many factors that contribute to the cheaper pricing, but it is most commonly due to the fact that VoIP technology itself is more modern and efficient.

As previously stated, some providers will offer cheap rates for international calls to select countries, whereas other providers will offer packages of low prices for all countries. It will solely depend on your provider. VoIP allows communication of data and voice through a single network, which drastically decreases the costs of any needed infrastructure or hardware. The devices that utilize VoIP are straightforward and interactive, allowing for quick configuration changes.

International calls can be made through any telephone that supports VoIP, through the internet, or through your own mobile phone. The only caveat is that a strong and stable internet connection is needed. VoIP is huge in the business industry because of all the add-ons offered, with cheap, and sometimes free international calling features. Most businesses have clients or partners in other countries, and VoIP makes life for both parties easier when it comes to communicating.

Why Should Businesses Utilize VoIP Systems for International Calling?

Sure, VoIP can offer what basic phone systems offer, but it’s because of the added features that businesses are flocking to this modern system. By hosting a VoIP system, your business will be able to receive all these added benefits listed below. 

  1. Most packages that are available for businesses have unlimited local calls, with a cheap cost for international calls. These fees are paid monthly and tend to be much lower than that of a basic phone lines package.
  2. The larger your company is, the cheaper the costs will be. There are many packages available for full-scale businesses, loaded with basic features and even some premium features for a low cost.
  3. Most of the time, calls within the organization are entirely free, making employee communication easy.
  4. With international calls being made over an internet connection, added costs for long-distance calling is slim to none. As long as the receiver of the call has an internet connection, calls can be made with ease.
  5. There are no maintenance or service contracts if your business decides to host VoIP systems. Along with this, no hardware needs to be installed, so no occurring costs or maintenance will appear in the future. VoIP providers will help in any way your company might need.

Prices for VoIP Systems With International Calling

The calling plans are able to be paid in a few ways. Some providers offer pay-as-you-go subscriptions with very attractive rates for small businesses. Other ways to pay might be set monthly fees or paid due to the total employees that a business has on staff. Either way your business chooses to pay, the rates are low and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. It will be up to you and your business to chase the frequency and rate or payments, allowing you to choose a plan that will give you the best value for your money. 

Different Modems to Utilize VoIP International Calling On

Once you have obtained a VoIP system, you then must choose which devices you wish to utilize these services on. There are three popular options that we will focus on.

  1. Softphones- A softphone will allow you to make calls through tablets, laptops, or a desktop. All you must do is install software, which is usually free of charge. If you choose this option then there are a few advantages you can receive. As said before, the downloadable software is free, it’s very user friendly, there are video chat options, and you can call multiple people at once, making video conferencing easy.  Most of this software will also offer file sharing, instant messaging, and social media integration.
  2. Mobile Applications- Apps are huge in the technology industry, so it’s no surprise that VoIP systems can be utilized through them. These applications function almost identically to softphone software but can be used for those that are more on the go. The only downside of this option is that if you are using this application while on data and not wifi, you will be paying quite a bit of money. If your data plan is unlimited, then you won’t face any issues.
  3. Device-Based VoIP- Instead of using smartphones and computers, using a special adapter to connect a previously used landline phone will also work. If your business has desk phones already given out to employees, then utilizing these will be easy. There will be no need for a computer or mobile device, and these phones can perform all traditional landline capabilities with advanced features to suit any need.