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With VoIP systems being the leader for most businesses and even some households, companies are making the beneficial switch. In order to ensure that all is met in terms of quality and services, IT professionals are being made aware of all the ins and outs of these systems. Most certifications offered simply build on the knowledge known about VoIP systems, taking what you learn a step further. By gaining the proper certifications, professionals will know all the technologies that govern every VoIP system. 

Leading VoIP Certifications

Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS)

This certification is top of the line when it comes to the best communication and collaboration solution. This certification falls into the sales and services category and can be an incredible resource for those who wish to carry out installation, deployment, testing, and troubleshooting of products offered. If you are a professional who is looking to get into the sales and design solutions department, then this certification will be important. This certification is valid for at least 2 years, and most of these exams will cost around $125. Training is highly recommended as a prerequisite and can cost well over $1000.

Certification Partners Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP)

This specific certification is offered by the TIA, the telecommunication industry association, and holds the endorsement of marketing leaders such as Toshiba, Cisco, and many more. Some large corporations consider this type of certification a prerequisite to higher certifications, whereas others consider this certification a great way to be trained and prepared for the knowledge of VoIP systems. All this certification requires is that candidates take one exam revolving best practices, techniques, concepts, and methodologies. Some of these can include convergence technologies, data or IP networking, and telephony voice services. The best part of this specific certification is that you are not required to be recertified in order to continuously maintain the certification. Training for this exam is highly required and each exam will cost around $225. The passing score for this exam is 75% and spans an hour and a half. In order to even start training and take the exam following is that you must have at least 2 years of experience in all three knowledge bases, which include convergence technologies, data and IP networking, and telephony voice services.

Digium Certified Asterisk Professional

Asterisk has been the leading sophistication framework for most VoIP gateways, IP PBX systems, and communication services for around 2 decades. It powers millions of servers throughout the world and is even employed by countless Fortune 500 companies. Because of its widespread use, this certification entails that all professionals must gain hands-on knowledge. This experience is gained through its various training courses, along with other certifications on top of the main one you are seeking. Each applicant must have between three and twenty-four months of professional experience, and hands-on Asterisk experience, before working towards obtaining this certification. Candidates are also expected to have the fundamental scripting and programming knowledge, in languages like C, C+, Bash, and SIP. This exam is taken in two parts, a written test, and a verbal yet practical lab exam. This exam costs around $300, but will depend on your exact location. There is no prerequisite needed, but it’s recommended to take the Asterisk advanced training course before completing the exam.

MCSE, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert 

This certification was started in 2016, and focuses primarily on creating experts who can handle cloud or hybrid solutions at an enterprise level. Certifications such as this one provide applicants to become specialists in other Microsoft technologies as well. The only caveat of obtaining this certification would be to obtain another Microsoft certification in Windows or Office 365. The test for this certification costs $165 and has no expiration date for its granted certification. There aren’t any credentials needed but Microsoft recommends taking a few training courses in their services offered prior to taking the exam.


Benefits of Certifications for VoIP

In this modern world filled with all types of advanced systems, it pays to know what you and your business are dealing with. Certifications such as these will also offer your employees and business an advantage over those with similar systems. By obtaining these specific certifications, your IT professionals will stand out and be more knowledgeable in the systems your business chooses to utilize. The bottom line is that you have nothing to lose, but certification to gain!