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Virtual Phone Systems

Are you tired of the effort required to maintain a traditional phone system? Does the need to manage hundreds of local numbers sound like a chore? Are you looking for a way to improve remote working access alongside a bevy of extra features? Then you may want to consider upgrading to a virtual phone system today!

Small and large businesses alike will instantly notice a massive improvement in their calling service thanks to the benefits of a virtual phone system. With the ability to accept calls from anywhere on any device and a bunch of automated systems such as call forwarding, a virtual phone system is a massive benefit to your company.

So whether you are wanting to learn more about virtual systems or you are considering switching your business over today, below you will find everything you need and more!

What is a Virtual Phone System?

So what exactly is a virtual phone system? By using the internet, and the latest cloud services, it is now possible to make and receive calls on an array of different devices. This is extremely useful when trying to craft a completely remote workplace by taking advantage of the latest tech.

By using a desktop or mobile application, your entire workforce will be able to make phone calls whilst away from their main phone. As long as you have access to the internet, you will be able to make phone calls, no matter the age of the hardware.

This is especially useful for small businesses that are trying to set up a connection between different teams. Its excellent compatibility also means no one is left out as a virtual phone system can work on thousands of different devices!


How do They Compare to Traditional Phone Systems?

Through a combination of the security that landlines are known to have, in a more mobile and accessible format, virtual phone systems are a massive improvement. They give both small and large businesses the flexibility to set up an internal business phone system without the usual hassle.

As opposed to being limited to a single location, like most traditional phone systems are, a virtual phone system allows you to use any device at any location. They also negate the use of bulky server rooms and long-term commitment, giving your company the flexibility it needs.

Turn your desktop & smartphone into a virtual phone system

Due to the power of cloud systems, it is now more than possible to take calls from a desktop or smartphone using a virtual phone system. Installation of the application is incredibly fast and only requires a compatible device and an internet connection.

Users of a virtual phone system will be able to configure settings to suit their individual needs, making it ideal for business employees around the world. With most large companies having 40% of their employees working remotely, a cloud phone system is exceptionally useful.

Get rid of an old cumbersome traditional phone system and consider upgrading to a virtual one today. Packed full of features and with the ability to bring all your old business phone numbers across, there has never been a better time to update!


Unlock the Power of a Business Phone Number

Toll-Free Numbers

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits and one that can help the professionality of your business is the use of a toll-free number. Removing the fuss associated with area codes, a toll-free number will allow you to set a specific number that your customers can use without the need to remember each area code separately. This will help you run your business with professionalism and is one of the many impressive extensions.

But the main bonus of toll-free numbers is the fact that your customers won’t have to pay to call your business phone. This will help you bring in more customers and can make your business appear professional and trustworthy.

Vanity Numbers

Have you ever seen a catchy jingle on a tv advert and wanted to add one to your companies phone number? Not only does this will make your phone numbers instantly recognizable, but it can also help customers remember them when they need to make business calls.

A virtual business phone system will allow you to set up a vanity number of your choice, allowing calls to be directed from that phone number to yours. This means you can set up an auto-attendant to direct calls, whilst still offering a catchy jingle to help your business phone number stand out.

Local Numbers

Local phone numbers can be frustrating if your business spans multiple states and areas. Customers will be required to input a direct area call and you will need to manage each local business phone number. Doesn’t this sound like a lot of effort?

A virtual phone system will allow you to set up a unique local number, that will be automatically diverted to your main business phone number. This negates the hassle of each area having a separate local number and will help make your calls far more straightforward for both you and your customers.

Port Your Current Number

Changing over to a virtual phone system is exceptionally easy making it perfect if you run a small business. Thankfully, you will be able to port over your current number and use that to accept business calls so the marketing team won’t have to stress about changing your associated number.

This also means anyone who knows your original number will be able to make calls without worrying about dialing the incorrect number. Save yourself the need to alter many phone numbers and just port over your old number to the new system with ease.

How much does a virtual phone system cost?

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits when it comes to using a virtual phone system is just how cost-effective it is. As the phone system is entirely virtual and doesn’t require a full physical set-up, both set up and running costs are low.

Users of a virtual phone system can select the features that best work for them, which can massively on overall costs. This means that whether you are a larger business looking to run an easy-to-use system or just a smaller business wanting to link your employees, a virtual phone system can adapt to you.

If you want to get started on a virtual phone system plan, be sure to check out the different pricing brackets. Additions such as call forwarding and recording can help small businesses but will cost slightly more than the starting plan. Deciding on what your business will get the most out of can help you save money and find the plan that works for your company.

How do I Set up a Virtual Phone System?


Choosing a Number

Set up is extremely easy and accessible for a wide variety of different users. Once the mobile app or desktop app has been downloaded, you will need to select a phone number for your business to use. Try to make it something easy to remember, maybe use a recognizable pattern, this makes it easier for your users to use.

Adding Extensions

The next step is to decide on what extensions you want to be added to your virtual phone system package. Extensions will allow certain team members to access different sections of your system and can be a great way to add additional features.

There are two main types of extension, a full extension, and a virtual extension. Virtual extensions will allow your employees to divert calls to a number they have already set up, this is known as call forwarding or call routing.

On the other hand, a full extension will allow your employees to select a range of additional features per user. A full extension will also allow your employees to make calls and send text messages on a range of different devices – this is perhaps the most popular virtual service.

Additional Options

There are a host of different additional options that you will be able to add to your virtual phone package. These extra options usually have a unique pricing plan assigned to them, but they are more than worth it if you want all the add-ons for your company.

Some of the most popular additions are calling queues, which will allow you to put a customer on hold while you talk to another. Or ring/group calling, which will give you the means to ring multiple numbers at once. Deciding on the packages that suit your business the most is a great way to determine what you expect from your new virtual system.

Ready to Call!

Once the system itself has been set up and all additional call management features have been added, you are ready to start making and receiving calls. Using your chosen business number, you can now receive calls on a host of different devices – perfect for businesses both large and small!

Virtual Phone System Benefits

A cloud phone system comes with a multitude of different benefits, making it a far more attractive option than a traditional call management system. Below you will find just a few of the many benefits you will notice in your new business phoning system, but there are many many more!

Extra Virtual Phone Features

Due to its use of the internet and electronic devices, a virtual phone system will come with a wide array of bonus features not possible in traditional business phone systems. Extra extensions such as an auto-attendant/virtual receptionist that can keep customers on hold and call forwarding can make your business calls far more accessible.

A virtual business phone system can also receive text messages outside of business hours, so your team can save them for when they come into work next. Be sure to check out what each package can add to your business number and help make running your company a breeze.

Ease of Setup

As you may have seen above, a virtual business phone system is extremely easy to set up and transfer all your old details onto. You won’t need to mess around changing your business phone numbers as you can easily port your traditional numbers over. The hardware wide compatibility also ensures all your employees will be able to get the app.

Improved Call Quality

By using virtual numbers, your calling quality will be massively improved keeping your company and home office sounding professional. With the added ability to make and receive calls on a host of different devices, with improved quality, you will be able to run your business with ease.

Final Thoughts

With all these added features and extensions and how easy it is to set up, there has never been a better time to transform your business today. The improvements will improve both your employees and customer impressions and ensure you can run your company as effectively as possible. So whether you work at a home office or you run a large business, you will instantly notice the benefits of a virtual business phone system!