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The Best Cloud Based Phone System for Small Businesses

If your small business is looking for an effective and reliable method of communication, then a cloud-based system might be your best option. Cloud-based systems, also known as internet calling or VoIP systems, have become extremely popular due to their increased storage, enhanced communication, and modernized features. Sure these systems are ideal but they might not be for everyone.

Cloud-phones Explained 

A cloud-based phone system is a type of phone service that will allow users to make calls over the internet, instead of the old overused phone lines that a traditional system uses. Instead of having all calls going through outdated copper wires to make a connection, cloud systems are hosted through more secure and offsite centers.

These phone systems can be used with various devices such as traditional phones, smartphones, applications, and even computers. Instead of needing to install complicated and large software, cloud-based systems work through the cloud and are stored safely offsite. By using this system, you will save money on maintenance and fees, since everything can easily be updated and managed right from your mobile phone or computer.

Cloud Systems Vs. Tradition Phone Systems

Many smaller businesses still utilize traditional phone systems that work by connecting to a public network. Most of these public networks are ISDN or PSTN, which are now a bit outdated. Some traditional phones are also able to work through VoIP technology, but this isn’t very common.

Cloud-based phone systems are basically the same as traditional phones, just modernized and updated. The main difference is that these systems are routed using the internet and not the old wires, which is hosted through an internet system. Any device that is connected to the internet can utilize this type of system, which is one of the biggest perks of this system. Most cloud-based systems are less expensive than traditional phone lines because it’s all low-maintenance and packed with features from the internet.


How Do Cloud-Based Systems Work?

A cloud-based phone system works in a simple way that may sound complex to some. When using this type of system, small digital packets are sent as data over the internet to the other end of the call, where they then re-group and are transferred back into a voice message. In order to do so, a cloud-based PBX is used. These systems are accessible through a variety of different methods, which makes it very easy for anyone with a stable internet connection to use.

Cloud-based calls can be made by using a traditional phone with a VoIP adapter that plugs into a phone outlet, or directly into your router. A computer may also be used to make cloud-based calls, because of all the applications available for download that allow these services to take place. You can use your smartphone as well, and download the same applications that your computer installs. If you don’t wish to use any of these methods, you can purchase a new VoIP phone that works similarly to a traditional phone, but is programmed to work solely for cloud-based systems.

Features That Cloud-Systems Offer Businesses 

Something that makes cloud based systems really stand out is all the features they offer customers. Along with offering so many features to their customers, these phone systems can also be easily updated and added onto, allowing small businesses to grow as they please along with their modern communication systems. Here are a few of the features that draw businesses small and large in.

  1. Unified Communications- A unified communication makes it easy for businesses to use call, text, email, social media, and video conferencing at the click of a button. Being able to have easy and seamless access to these features, will make your business stand out, all while increasing productivity and effectiveness.
  2. Video conferencing- With remote work becoming more and more popular, businesses need to be able to include all employees in meetings, emails, and calls. All cloud-based phone systems offer video conferencing in their packages so that way businesses don’t need to pay any extra to utilize these features.
  3. International calling- If you are a small business owner then you know how expensive international calls can be. The perk of a cloud-based system is that it works through the internet, making it free to make long distance calls as long as the receiver has a stable internet connection.
  4. “Ring Anywhere”- This is a great feature that can enable employees to receive and place calls from multiple devices all while using the same number. With this feature, as soon as the work phone rings, so do any added devices, making it easy to answer calls from anywhere. Transferring calls between the added devices is a perk of this as well.
  5. Instant messaging- This form of communication is similar to texting, and can allow for real-time communications to be run through as many devices as you wish. Instant messaging adds another, more complex and efficient, form of communication to the workplace.
  6. Call forwarding- Call forwarding takes calls from one number and re-directs them to another added line. This feature works similar to traditional phone systems call transferring features, but with a cloud-based system that is more modernized. A user can consolidate all calls to one line, or transfer different calls to man different lines with the click of a button.

What Does Your Small Business Think? 

Of course, with any type of new communication method, there are pros and cons. If your small business doesn’t have a strong enough internet connection to withstand all these improvements, then this might not be the best upgrade. On the other hand, if your business is looking to expand and modernize itself then making the switch should be easy. Cloud systems can offer countless benefits for your business, you just need to decide to make the needed switch. With added features, flexibility, and efficiency, your small business will be making strides toward improvements in no time.