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Learning About VoIP Intercoms

As VoIP technology becomes more and more popular for most businesses big and small, many older features of traditional phone systems are being lost. On the bright side, most of the features that have been lost, are being replaced with more modernized methods. For example, fax machines aren’t the norm anymore, but calls made via intercom are starting to come increasingly popular.
If you are unfamiliar with these concepts it’s time to learn about VoIP intercoms and how they can revolutionize your business.

If you are unfamiliar with intercom systems, they are standalone voice systems that can be used in any facility, most commonly in apartment buildings, schools and universities. Most intercom systems can be connected to the main PSTN, providing communication or specific places.

Intercom Calls Through VoIP

Intercom calling through VoIP will allow users to dial any extension within the building, the same way that one might make a phone call. The biggest difference is that rather than ringing another device on the other end, the device will automatically answer it. This feature can be used for short conversations between employees, or to manage building access. 

Usually, these types of calls are free and will leave no charges from your service provider. Setting up this service does not require additional hardware, and sometimes, some providers will give businesses the needed software. All it takes to utilize a VoIP intercom system would be installing the needed software onto a desk phone, tablet, mobile phone, or desktop. This way, intercom communications can be made or received from anywhere.

Intercoms from VoIP systems are a service that most businesses turn off by default, and don’t realize how beneficial they can be. You can get intercom systems configured on your pre-existing system, making it easy to communicate between employees and throughout the building. All this can be done simply by configuring the menu on an online web dashboard. 

VoIP Intercom Calls

Some service providers will offer this service for larger and smaller businesses, allowing employees to speak to each other within the office, similar to a regular call. This feature can be used for quick conversations between employees, announce visitors, speak to the businesses as a whole, or remind workers of meetings. These calls are free because they are done through the internet, and from device to device. 


Two-way audio is provided over a local area network, making it easy for quick messages and calls to be carried out. Whether you’re using this feature over a small office, or a huge office building, these intercoms are scalable and cost effective for whatever your needs are.

Benefits of Using a VoIP Intercom

If you are wanting to make an announcement to your employees, speak quickly with your assistant, notify those of what’s happening around the office, or let employees know about meetings, then an intercom is a great integration for your VoIP system. The best part of this is that intercom services are free to some businesses. 

  1. Functionality- Employees are able to use their desk phones, mobile phones, or tablets, to ping coworkers quickly and easily. Reaching co workers from any distance around the office is easier than a phone call.
  2. Call on Hold Features- Callers can also be placed on hold if needed. If this is the case, the intercom will then phone the office, in order to announce the call.
  3. Customization- Setup will only take a few clicks due to the intuitive interface that this system offers. All you must do is log onto your online account and customize your account and intercom settings as needed. In addition, you can only select which device you’d like to receive the calls on.
  4. Effective Communication- If an employee is away from the office, or not at their desk, features can be changed to quickly route calls to a mobile phone or tablet. The person’s name will be announced before calling, and then the employee will be able to answer the call on a personal device, or send the caller straight to voicemail. By being able to quickly connect customers with the right employee at all times, customer satisfaction will be raised.

VoIP Intercom Door Buzzers

This is another added feature that intercoms can provide businesses. A door buzzer is among the most common ways to connect all entrances and exists to your phone systems. VoIP intercommunication systems can connect doorbells and entrances to their systems, just by the click of a button. With voice and video functions, you will be able to clearly observe all guests, deliveries, and employees that enter and exit the building.

The controls will be available on a simple desk phone, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. You will be able to notify employees of all customers that are entering the building, and all deliveries that have arrived. With a push of a button, you will be able to allow whoever is at the door to enter, speak with them, or even lock the doors. When it comes to security features, VoIP intercoms and the added door buzzer, is a must have. Connecting all aspects of your business is highly beneficial to most business owners, and an improvement that should be made.