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Is an Inbound Call Center Right For Your Business?

For those that don’t know much about inbound call centers, we will explain this term as simply as we can. An inbound call center, which is also known as a contact center, focuses on customer experience and customer engagement. Many businesses know that customer service is critical, however, some businesses don’t have the time or numbers to make client satisfaction a top priority.

Studies have shown that at least 90% of customers base their spending on reviews for businesses, meaning that businesses must take customer satisfaction more into consideration. If you are a business that hasn’t done well in the customer service aspect of the job, inbound call centers might be able to pick up the slack.


What Exactly is an Inbound Call Center?

A call center is a team of professionals that are specifically tasked with manning a business’s phone lines. If a business uses any type of communication method to support customers or speak with clients, then an inbound call center will be beneficial. These agents that work at call centers are trained to deliver exceptional customer service, support all customer needs, and boost the overall reputation of your business.

There are two types of call centers that a business can look to for help, an inbound call center or an outbound call center. The largest difference is that inbound call centers deal with the interaction that the customer starts, whereas an outbound call center reaches out to customers first. Some call centers might even provide both inbound and outbound services. 

Inbound Call Center Agents

There is no average number of calls that a call center agent is required to take because all is determined by internal and external factors. The number of calls an agent takes will also depend on their skill level, efficiency, and client volume. Companies will need to look at their call center metrics and determine how many agents will need to be working, and how many calls they will take on average.

What Services Do Inbound Call Centers Provide?

Inbound call center agents will do more than just answering phone calls, and now their work is much more diverse. Some agents may handle emails, social media, live web chats, and easy marketing. With all of these communication forms dealt with, customers will receive all the support they need, ultimately improving their customer experience.

Most call centers are very flexible with their offered services and can work with each client in order to answer questions, determine their needs and raise their satisfaction levels. As long as all modes of communication are met, inbound call center agents are able to drastically improve customer satisfaction through all the services they offer.

  1. Message taking- This is the most important part a call center agent is asked to do. Most of the time when a customer calls, the agent will document the caller’s name, and contact information so that they can better keep track of all clients. The agent will then inform the caller that all information will be kept or passed on, in order to give them the greatest amount of assistance.
  2. Call patching- Call patching is quite similar to message taking, but this type of service deals with immediately transferring the customer’s call to the proper department. The benefit of this is that calls are filtered to the appropriate part of each team, making each customer inquiry dealt with accordingly. If the customer is transferred to a team member who is busy, a message will be given and the customer can decide if they’d prefer to call at another time or receive a response phone call.
  3. Overtaking- Call centers may also offer some customers to make orders over the phone, using an online store. Each agent will be able to manage the caller’s purchases and then upsell products, or purchase products on their behalf.
  4. Customer Service Satisfaction- If you are working with a call center that offers full-scale customer service, then agents are most likely dedicated to anything a customer wishes. These agents are highly knowledgeable with customer accounts, services, and solutions so that each call is worthwhile. There are guidelines that these inbound call center agents must follow but will go above and beyond to help with all customer support issues. Besides a phone call, these agents can email, live chat, and deal with problems through social media as well.
  5. Complaint hotline- Inbound call centers are also able to handle customer complaints, making it easier to retain customers if something goes wrong. Agents may also have the ability to offer dissatisfied customers discounts or gifts, in order to smooth over situations and increase satisfaction.
  6. Technical support- Some inbound call centers will also help customers with any needed technical support they might require. If your business sells a high tech product or any type of software, then customers might need to call in quick and ask questions, so that what they purchased can be up and running quickly and easily.

The best inbound call centers will provide all these important services, offering bilingual or multilingual support making it easier to speak with customers from all over the world. Some can additionally offer mobile applications, allowing your company and customers to stay connected at all times through a method that is easiest for all.


When To Make the Switch to an Inbound Call Center

In order to take full advantage of all services these centers offer, then your business must know when the right time is to take the leap. If you are already receiving high customer satisfaction rates and it is not burdensome for your staff to handle, then this wouldn’t be the best use of your money. However, if you are a business that is growing, or are concerned about your customers, then you may want to consider outsourcing. 

If your business is losing customers, due to the lack of engagement or negative interactions, then inbound call center agents might be your saving grace. They will form better relationships, deal with all customers’ needs, and offer the support your clients are looking for. If your business has also received some bad feedback in terms of customer service, these agents will help here as well. Call center agents can work around the clock and be there for your customers whenever they decide to call. They will answer the phones and speak with customers professionally and positively.

The largest factor that your business should look at in terms of switching to inbound call centers is if your team is already stretched too thin. Call center agents aren’t all about the phone lines, they can also help in all forms of communication that your business offers customers. If your employees are already struggling with their workload, and are asked to satisfy customer needs on top of this, then some areas might suffer. Don’t wait until all customers are lost, reach out to an inbound call center as soon as you see fit.