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How To Get The Right Business Phone Number

For those that have started a business, big or small, establishing your brand by obtaining a business phone number will be key. So, that leaves the question of how you go about getting a business phone number. If you want customer loyalty, a reliable communication method, and modern features, you will want to invest in a business phone number. There are plenty of options you can choose from in terms of business phone services, but by breaking down the process of obtaining a business phone number, you will be able to choose the perfect provider for you and your company.

Choosing the Right Business Phone System

Before your business can get going and start communicating with its customers, a business phone number connected to a reliable provider must be set up. Purchasing a service that is specifically designed for your company and its needs will be highly beneficial in the long run. The features and services that your phone provider offers will be the making or breaking factor for your company. Having features such as call forwarding, call recording, ID settings, and conference calling, will give you exactly what is needed to grow your business. The best part about all this is that these types of phone providers give you all you need at a low cost. Traditional lines sometimes cost more than $50 for only a single line, whereas this type of phone system can save you loads of money in the long run.

VoIP is the right choice for many businesses because there is no added installation or setup, fewer fees, and better features. VoIP will offer plenty more advantages than that of an average phone line, with greater mobility and better audio quality.

Choose Your Business Phone Number

After figuring out which types of phone you wish to use your new number on, you must then decide on the number you’d like to integrate. It will be in your best interest to view and familiarize yourself with all the options that are available to you and your business. In the case that you already have a business number, you won’t have to change it. Your service provider will be able to perform a process called porting, which authorizes the number you have to be moved into an updated VoIP providing service.

If you wish to choose a new number, there are a few types of numbers that can be selected depending on the provider you want.

  1. Local Phone Number- These types of numbers aren’t just for a business, because any type of household or establishment can obtain a local phone number. As long as you can link the chosen number to an area code, then it is easy to set up. Most of these lines can be up and running within the same day, and you can find local numbers from different companies in your area. Depending on which provider you choose, this type of number can be free, or as little as $10 a month.
  2. Toll-Free Phone Number- Most toll-free numbers start with an 800 code, or similar code that fits with your location, and can be seen as more professional to some customers. The best part about a toll-free number is that these types of numbers can be added onto a pre-existing line, and give the option to forward certain calls straight to it. This way, businesses can use different numbers that have already been set up and routed to one phone line or location. The cost of this type of phone number is around $10 a month.
  3. Vanity Phone Number- Similar to a toll-free number, vanity numbers start with your area code, such as an 800, and then followed by a personalized message or number set that’s unique to your business. For example, if you own a tour company your vanity number might be 1-800-GET-HERE, making this number an important part of the brand. Yes, vanity numbers are great, but the biggest downside of them is that most have been claimed. Depending on what your goal is with a vanity number and what type of message you want to portray, checking with different providers will be beneficial to help you get the number your business wants. Because these are highly personalized numbers, the cost increases a bit, making this type of number anywhere from $20 a month to $50.
  4. Virtual Phone Numbers- This last option won’t be right for everyone, because by choosing this kind of number, you aren’t choosing a phone service per se. Rather than being able to answer a phone on the spot, and call back right away, a virtual phone number looks more like a voicemail service. These types of numbers are good for businesses that wish to establish their presence in a more local market, without having an established office there.

Selecting Phones For Your New Phone System

After you have chosen a phone provider, and a phone number, you will then be able to purchase a special phone made specifically for VoIP services. These phones have SIP protocol, making each desk phone work perfectly and reliably with your phone’s systems. If you also chose to place calls from your laptop or computer, then there are plenty of applications you can download that work in conjunction with your phone service. You want to look for a quality provider that offers all the features your business is looking for.

  1. Extensions- Instead of having many separate numbers for different employees that work at your business, you can use extensions to route all calls through one line, and then easily transfer them to different employees’ office phones. This will make it easy for all departments to be connected by one line, while still having needed independence. The best benefit of these extensions is that the cost of your company’s phone bill will also decrease as well, which is a huge bonus for larger businesses.
  2. Custom greetings- Each employee, or your overall business, can create custom greetings for all who call. All you need to do is pre-record your messages through VoIP’s modern voicemail features.
  3. Call forwarding- This is a huge perk if some employees aren’t always in the office. By utilizing this feature, you can receive calls from the comfort of your home, right to your cell phone. This makes work more flexible and easier to stay up to date with all communications.

Making the Right Choice For Your Business Phone Number

Behind every successful business is a phone number that aids in communication and support to all customers. If you wish to increase the reputation of your company, add any features, or want to modernize your phone systems, then choosing a quality provider is key. By reaching out to all different companies, you can compare prices and features, making the best choice for your business.