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After a home or business installs VoIP software, performing a VoIP test will be beneficial in many ways. This type
In order to calculate the most accurate costs for outsourcing, you will have to determine which type of call center
Those that say managing a call center is easy, are wrong. This job is by no means an easy job
It’s without a doubt that VoIP services and systems are taking over the telecommunications market, and each month this number
This post is mostly focused on the training that you need to be aware of when working with a cloud
A guide to the benefits and disadvantages of using PBX or VoIP technology. Learn about what makes these services so
When making calls over the internet through VoIP services, or with other digalized networks, the voice must be encoded into
As recent studies have shown, the call center industry is alive and thriving. There have been well over 32,000 new
Are you tired of the effort required to maintain a traditional phone system? Does the need to manage hundreds of
If you are searching for the ideal call center software to fit your business, our interactive guide is here to