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All You Need to Know About Virtual Business Phone Systems

Virtual phone systems are great, but they are not a perfect fit for all businesses. A virtual phone system can provide businesses with a scalable, low-cost option that will give your employees and customers a professional communication infrastructure.

What is a Virtual Phone System?

A virtual phone system is a cloud-based system that can enable all users to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world by simply using their desk phone, mobile phone, desktop, or tablet. It can provide businesses with mobility and flexibility, compared to the traditional on-premise phone systems. These types of phone systems require no hardware installations because all services are delivered through the internet.

Virtual phone systems combine the best of what traditional phone lines have to offer, with added features and modern web applications. It can allow users to utilize all the new features that technology has to offer without limiting users to a single location.

How Does a Virtual Phone System Work?

Virtual phone systems can connect calls between toll-free numbers and local phone numbers. Cloud-based virtual systems use telecom infrastructure and relationships with public networks in order to connect users to the internet and all system functions. VoIP exists at the center of all virtual phone systems, and everything in this system exists virtually.

For optimal performance, VoIP providers will set up networks of data centers, so that way, your systems will run smoothly 100% of the time. There is no need to worry about power outages, bad weather, or system failures. A virtual phone system also isn’t affected by your building, because all services are provided through the internet. You can forward all calls from business phones to your desktop or mobile phone, and browse the internet or respond to emails all while video conferencing.

Users will be able to obtain a ton of new capabilities that will allow them to work and collaborate effectively. From the moment inbound calls arrive at your business, they can be routed to the proper employee and dealt with accordingly. Virtual phone systems for a business will let you and your team take advantage of increased reliability, better call quality, and all the advanced features that come with each system.

Why Use a Virtual Phone System for your Business?

There are many benefits that your business can take full advantage of by using virtual phone systems. On-premise phone systems require expensive and bulky hardware for a high cost, whereas virtual phone systems don’t require anything. Here are some benefits of switching to this type of system.

  1. These phone systems are run over the internet, so no additional hardware is required.
  2. Implementing this type of system into your business is quick and easy to configure.
  3. There is no long term commitment needed.
  4. Upgrades and updates can be done for free.
  5. 24/7 customer support is offered for all businesses.
  6. This system is easy to manage from your smartphone or desktop.
  7. Adding or repurposing business phone numbers is an easy fix.

The Benefits of a Virtual Phone System for your Business

Not all business phone systems are made equal, and the bigger and more successful your business wishes to be, there needs to be a phone service that can go hand in hand with business goals. Here are some of the top benefits that businesses appreciate when switching to a virtual business phone system.

  1. Easy Setup- One of the top advantages of virtual phone systems is the time it takes to set up and use. Traditional phone systems are hard to set up, because of the needed software and hardware that is required. During the setup time for traditional phone systems, your business lines will be down, and employees will have to halt business. With a virtual phone system, it can be integrated with your internet connection and as soon as things get plugged in, your system will be up and running. That’s all.
  2. Lower Costs- This is a big benefit for most businesses. All too often businesses are paying for solutions that are not utilized to the fullest. This will result in a lot of money being thrown down the drain. Virtual phone systems will let your business select the features that you are looking for, all for a low cost. Whether you need a complete system or a small business phone plan, you will get the best value for your needs by going virtual. Some notable features that virtual phone plans can offer are auto-attendants, hold music, call routing, call forwarding, call recording, and affordable international calling. All these added and included features make for a phone system that won’t break the bank.
  3. On-Demand Phone Numbers- If you have remote workers, or employees that aren’t located near the main office, it’s likely that their numbers are not within the same area code, making communication sometimes difficult. Virtual phone systems will give your team a professional identity and set area code, that will make your business look its best. Plus, advanced call routing can direct calls to employees’ mobile devices, all while under the same number, making it easy for work to be done outside of the office.
  4. Flexible Device Options- When your business utilizes a wired phone system, all team members must do work and make calls through a desk phone. In terms of a virtual phone system, your employees will be able to use any device they wish as long as there’s a stable internet connection. Some devices that employees can use are desktops, laptops, tablets, conference phones, android phones, smartphones, or wireless VoIP phones. With this phone system, you can mix and match the right hardware for your business.
  5. Intelligent Call Routing- Handling incoming phone calls has never been made easier due to virtual phone systems. With the ability of your phone to route calls and transfer customers to the appropriate employee, customer satisfaction will go through the roof. Your team will be in control of their own availability, and your business can set its own hours.